Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Outsourcing Services

In today's technology-driven business environment, software applications and products need to satisfy critical checkpoints, such as ease of installation, performance, compatibility, recovery after a failure, resource consumption, portability, security and reliability.

Invensis Technologies, a leading software testing and quality assurance outsourcing services provider, offers customized testing services for all your software applications. Our team of qualified and experienced software testers can check your product on various parameters like applicability, functionality, security and scalability, to ensure that it meets quality standards and your expectations. By putting your software product or application through a rigorous, unbiased testing process, you can be confident of its caliber and performance.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Outsourcing Services

End-to-End Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Invensis’ software testing services covers a broad range of testing based on differences in testing objective and techniques used. Our services include:

Invensis Ensures High-Quality Software Applications for Your Business

Invensis' software testing and quality assurance services combine traditional and next-generation methodologies for software applications developed on various platforms. By understanding your business requirement, we can develop testing strategies and execution models using best-in-class tools, frameworks and accelerators. We also ensure that all test scenarios are given due importance in the process of analysis.

Benefits of Invensis' Software Testing and Quality Assurance Outsourcing Services

Better use of Internal Resources:

Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, UNIX

Web Frameworks:

By allotting the responsibility of testing to Invensis, your IT team can focus on other critical aspects of the project.

Mitigation of Risk and Cost:

Through testing, your product can be fine-tuned so that its performance upon deployment is of the highest standard. Maintenance costs will also be reduced with a well-tested product.

Improved ROI:

By enhancing the quality and performance of your application, through Invensis' testing services, you can be confident of a high ROI for your product.

Adherence to Regulatory Norms:

Invensis keeps itself up-to-date on latest industry regulations, which helps to make sure your product satisfies all quality parameters.

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