Application Testing Services

Today’s extremely fast paced and competitive environment requires businesses to roll out innovative applications rapidly in response to market needs. Invensis Application Testing Services enables you to deliver high quality applications without compromising on quality, stability, functionality and integrity. Leveraging our services helps you to maximize ROI from QA and testing and mitigate business risk while ensuring faster time-to-market through process optimization and reduced cycle time.

Invensis has greater than 20 years of delivering customized software testing and quality assurance solutions for industries. Our services ensure that you are able to execute your application development projects within minimal time and assure consistency in software behavior. Our service delivery is built around skilled experts, structured testing process with clear cuts SOPs and quality management procedures, use of latest tools and methodologies; all our processes are in alignment with industry compliance.

Application Testing Services

Range of Application Testing Services

Invensis provides a range of application testing services that includes the following:

Application Testing Life Cycle

Invensis’ dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that application testing goes well. The following steps will be followed:

1. Assessment of Test Requirements:

Our testing team will determine the requirements for testing, following consultation with our client developers. They will determine the scope of the testing and the test objectives.

2. Planning:

The next step involves identification of test users and selecting the device/OS to be tested with the app. This would be done in collaboration with our clients. Our testing team will then create the test plan. We will then allocate the resources required for the testing.

3. Definition:

This involves determining the kind of testing strategies to be used.

4. Test Case:

Our testers would write test cases specially taking into consideration the particular aspects of application testing.

5. Execution:

The testing team will then execute the test across a number of different platforms, devices, and browsers as per the client specifications.

6. Regression Testing:

We carry out automation testing, using either object based or image based mobile testing tools.

7. Monitoring and update

The entire process will be monitored and the client would be informed of the progress.

8. Identification, Tracking and Removal of Bugs:

Bugs will be tracked and suitable corrections would be done to ensure their removal.

9. Device Level Validation

10. Release and Maintenance

11. Testing Completion

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