Software Automation Testing Services

In a highly competitive environment, businesses are under pressure to continuously develop and release high quality software products in minimal time and with minimal cost. While manual testing is often required for the initial testing of an application, automation testing is very useful for the post-deployment testing of an application, especially when the application being tested has a long maintenance life or there is a requirement for frequent execution of test cases.

Automation of test cases serves to improve the application development and release cycle; it reduces turnaround time, lessens regression costs, enhances product quality, and minimizes human error. However, it cannot be a replacement for manual testing in cases where the application lifetime is short, or the test cases are not repetitive. It can also become resource and time intensive. However, collaborating with an experienced automation testing service provider can ensure reduction of automation costs and speed up the development process.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company with considerable testing expertise and experience in automation testing. We have skilled and competent testers who can carry out customized automation testing as per requirements, depending on the scale of the project. Our methodical and cost-effective processes will ensure that your application is performance-ready and production-ready, with minimal risk.

Software Automation Testing Services

Range Of Automation Testing Services

Invensis offers specialized automation testing as per the requirements of the clients. These include:

Automation Testing Process and Methodology

Invensis testers follow a systematic protocol for automation testing but we will customize this in consultation with the client's developer team. The process methodology is as follows:

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