Black Box Testing Services

Quality assurance testing of a software application is required to ensure its market value, reliability and successful achievement of business goals. A lack of quality evaluation may result in defective products being released, which may seriously damage the company’s reputation and diminish the business value of the software. Black Box Testing is essential to gauge the functionality of the application.

Black Box Testing is also known as functional testing or opaque box testing and does not require knowledge of programming. It is carried out according to client specifications; the test outcome is observed and compared to the expected outcome. This helps to determine whether the application is working according to the requirements.

Investing in these testing techniques as part of the in-house quality assurance program will definitely lead to top–notch software applications. However it may lead to considerable diversion of valuable business resources into non-core goals

A more practical and cost–effective way for businesses to test the performance of their software would be to outsource their black box testing requirements to an expert software testing service provider. Invensis Technologies, a leading IT-BPO service provider, has greater than 20 years’ experience in providing quality software testing services. By outsourcing their testing requirements to us, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle.

Black Box Testing Services

Range of Black box Testing Services

Invensis provides a comprehensive range of black box testing services. We can customize the tests according to the needs of our clients. Invensis provides the following kinds of black box testing services that answer your every need:

Testing Methodology and Lifecycle

The testing techniques used include:

Invensis’ dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that the black box testing is carried out well. We will also customize the testing methodology in consultation with our clients. The general testing strategy would be as follows:

    1. User Requirement Analysis:

    Our testing team will then create the test plan.

    2. Allocation of Resources for Testing:

    We will then allocate the resources required for the testing.

    3. Execution of the Test Plan:

    Black box testing may require the performance of testing strategies, which are used to test the functionality of the application such as external interface testing, stress testing, security review, followed, by globalization testing.

    4. Monitoring and update:

    The entire process will be monitored and the client would be informed of the progress.

    5. Evaluation:

    On completion of the test, our testers would compile all the issues uncovered and determine the most critical issues based on user feedback.

    6. Modify and Retest:

    We will submit the list of recommendations to the clients’ developer team, so that they can make the desired changes in the application. Retesting would be carried out at different points of the software development cycle, until all client requirements have been met.

    7. Testing Completion

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