Software Compatibility Testing Services

Four factors influence whether a company’s software application will be a success or failure: quality, compatibility, reliability, and delivery of software. A software application must demonstrate compatibility with a wide variety of environments as a proof of its versatility. Checking its compatibility in a client –specified environment is critical to ensure the successful fulfilment of SLAs and customer satisfaction.

Compatibility testing is non-functional testing carried out to determine the compatibility of an application in its operating environment. Through this test, the tester can evaluate how well the software performs in different environments including operating systems, networks, hardware, platforms, devices and other applications.

Carrying out compatibility testing also requires considerable knowledge about networks, applications and browsers as well as familiarity with various tools. Investing in in-house compatibility testing may be resource intensive. As most businesses have deadlines by which they have to deliver their applications, this can be impractical.

A more practical and cost –effective way for businesses to test the performance of their software would be to outsource the compatibility testing to an expert software testing service provider. Invensis Technologies, a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company, has 20 years’ experience in providing quality compatibility testing services. By leveraging Invensis’ compatibility testing services, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead and speed up their software development life cycle.

Software Compatibility Testing Services

Invensis Offers End-to-End Compatibility Testing Services

Invensis provides a comprehensive range of compatibility testing services. We can customize the tests according to the needs of our clients. The tests offered include compatibility testing for the following:


Compatibility Testing Life Cycle

Invensis' dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that compatibility testing goes well. We will also customize the testing methodology in consultation with our clients. The outline of the testing process is as follows:

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