Database and Platform Testing Services

Proper data management revolves around the quality and integrity of relational database management systems. It is essential for businesses to monitor the integrity and stability of databases and applications on a regular basis. Undetected integration and implementation errors in large database and associated applications may affect the system performance and impede proper information management.

Database testing is used to measure the integrity of databases such as Oracle, SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB. High quality database testing would ensure that the databases and the valuable information they contain as well as the various associated processes, triggers and functions are robust and resilient. Platform testing of applications is another necessary QA test required to validate the quality and integrity of applications, their features, and functionality.

Incorporating database and platform testing as part of the in-house quality assurance program will definitely help in enhancing and ensuring the robustness of data management processes. However, this may be financially forbidding for small companies; in addition, it may lead to considerable distraction from non-core goals.

A more practical and cost –effective way for businesses to test the performance of their software would be to outsource the testing to an expert software testing service provider. Invensis Technologies, a leading Software Testing Company, has 20 years’ experience in providing quality database and platform testing services. By outsourcing their database and platform testing requirements, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle.

Database and Platform Testing Services

Range of Testing offered under Database Testing

Invensis’ experienced testing team can carry out different kinds of database testing which targets different aspects of database structure and function. These include:

1.Black Box Testing:

In this, our testers will check the interfaces and integration of the database to check the functionality of the database.

2. White Box Testing:

In this, our testers will evaluate the integrity of the internal structure of the database. This includes:

Database and Platform Testing Methodology

At Invensis, we follow a sequential process of database testing, starting from the user interface layer, moving through the business layer and the critically important data access layer and then moving on finally to the database.

Invensis’ testing team follows the general testing procedure for carrying out database and platform testing:

    1. User Requirement Analysis:

    Our testing team will determine the requirements for testing, following consultation with our client developers. They will determine the scope of the testing and the test objectives.

    2. Cleaning up the database:

    In this, the database is emptied in preparation for testing

    3. Set Fixture:

    The initial status of the database is determined. Tools will be used to iterate the fixtures and do insertions into the database.

    4. Creating Tests:

    The tests are created using SQL queries. Our testers possess considerable knowledge of SQL and DML and deep understanding of the internal structure of AUT to devise accurate queries for efficient testing. SQL queries can also be obtained from the developer side to ensure that it is aligned.

    5. Test Run:

    Tests are carried out on defined test cases

    6. Test Result Verification:

    Our testers would then verify the results using the database tables

    7. Tear down process:

    This is carried out if the outcome is in line with expected outcomes; else testing is reinitiated

    8. Reporting

Some of the useful database testing tools used in our testing include SQL server 2014 (Visual Studio), Oracle’s SQL developer, SQL server for database testing, TOAD, DB visualizer, SQL Lite etc.

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