Functional Testing Outsourcing Services

A fast-changing competitive market requires businesses to build reliable, high quality software applications to enhance their competitiveness. Marketing faulty and defective applications can lead to loss of business reputation and customer good will and wasted investment. Companies can minimize the chances of this by carrying out functional testing for all applications.

Functional Testing involves testing the system or component against the functional specifications provided by the client. It enables software companies to make sure that the product is usable and stable, and works without glitches. Because applications may undergo numerous revisions in their lifetime, functional testing is a necessity for businesses.

However carrying out in-house functional testing may be time consuming, costly and resource intensive, especially for businesses racing against time while pushing multiple products into the production pipeline. A more effective approach would be to speed up the development of their applications by outsourcing their functional testing to an experienced testing service provider.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Software Testing Company with 20 years of experience in providing reliable and cost-effective software testing services. Our aim is to ensure that your products work fine at the time of going to market. Our testing personnel have the requisite experience and expertise to carry out functional testing as part of the quality assurance of your project and to ensure the highest quality of products.

Functional Testing Outsourcing Services

Range of Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing Methodology

Invensis’ experienced functional testing team will collaborate with you on every aspect of your testing requirement. Our skilled testing team will carry out the testing in line with clients’ specifications. As part of our testing process, we lay particular emphasis on the following:

Black Box Testing Strategies:

We use black box testing strategy for carrying out functional testing. Black box testing does not require the source code. We can carry out the following kinds of black box testing:

We also carry out manual and automated functional testing. The tools we use for testing web applications and java applications include Junit, soapUI, and Watir.

The standard functional testing process followed by our testers is as follows:#h4c

1. Preparation of Test Data:

This is required for executing the functional testing.

2. Test Planning:

Our testing team will come up with a test plan defining the test requirements, test objective and testing approach. The Test plan will include the guidelines for test creation; it will define the testing environment, test schedule, the test methodology, and the methods for measurement of the testing process.

3. Selection of Test Strategy:

The next step would be to identify the testing strategy that makes the best use of available resources and provides maximum test coverage.

4. Test Risk Analysis:

This defines the possible risks associated with the testing.

5. Test Case Design:

Our testers will come up with the appropriate test cases to test the application’s interface and to determine how well the application and the user interact. The test case would include the following details:

6. Traceability Matrix:

We make use of traceability matrices to ensure that we achieve maximum coverage for the specific test.

7. Test Case Execution:

The testers would carry out the test using a well-defined test execution procedure. The testers would use metrics to determine the overall process efficiency for subsequent testing cycles.

8. Test Case Reporting:

The results are presented in the form of a comprehensive report, which provides answers to the client’s questions. The results would include a comparison between the actual and expected outputs.

9. Coverage Analysis:

We carry out a coverage analysis of the extent of testing performed by the test. We may create additional test cases for execution, if the coverage is not satisfactory.

10. Exit from Testing:

Our testing team ensures exit from testing, only when all the test cases have been executed and the minimal requirement fulfilment criteria for client satisfaction has been met.

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