System Testing Services

Enterprises have the responsibility to ensure that their applications are structurally and functionally ready to perform the desired tasks. Failure to do this will lead to a loss of reputation, huge costs of rectification, and legal and other issues. System Testing is a critical step in the testing series, carried out from the user’s point of view, where the tester tests, and validates all technical, functional and business specifications in the production environment .

However, carrying out system testing may require a considerable amount of time and resources; in addition, skilled and experienced staff are required to carry it out. This level of investment may be forbidding for companies and would divert them from their key business goals.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company with 20 years of experience in providing reliable and cost-effective software testing services. Our aim is to ensure that your products stand up to your SLAs at the time of going to market. Our testing personnel have the requisite experience and expertise to carry out system testing as part of the quality assurance of your project and to ensure the highest quality of your applications.

System Testing Services

Range of System Testing Services

Invensis provides a comprehensive range of system testing services that includes the following:

System Testing Life Cycle:

Our qualified and experienced testers will first ensure that the application is ready to be subjected to system testing. For this, the following criteria have to be met:

System Testing makes use of black box testing strategy. The purpose of this testing is to understand and evaluate the system from user point of view.

During system testing, the testing team would focus on the following key attributes of the software under study:

System Testing can be classified as Integration or Functional based on the objective of the system test- testing the design or the functionalities. The functional testing is carried out after the system integration testing. The testing strategy is determined on this basis:

1. Test Definition:

We define the test in consultation with the client’s software developer team.

2. Test Planning:

Our testing team will determine the test objectives and criteria for successful completion of testing in collaboration with the client development team. The planning will also include creating the schedule, allocation of resources and responsibilities, test case standards, metrics and measurement methods.

3. Test Design:

Our testers will develop test cases, which maximize the finding of errors. The test case preparation would take into account all possible parameters.

4. Test Execution:

Our testers will develop test cases, which maximize the finding of errors. The test case preparation would take into account all possible parameters.

5. Test Automation:

Automation testing is carried out as per need.

6. Results Monitoring And Reporting:

The outcome of the test is conveyed to the client in the form of a report.

7. Completion:

The application is deemed to have met all requirements of system testing only when:

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