BPO Services for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Evolving regulatory norms, the need for planning and managing limited resources, and access to financing pose tough challenges for companies in the energy and utilities industry. Invensis Technologies, a specialist IT-BPO service provider, will enable your energy or utility company to gain a competitive advantage through outsourcing. We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, which will provide you with an assurance of high quality results and data security. Outsourcing to us will allow your in-house personnel to focus their efforts on mission-critical, customer-centric objectives

We provide BPO support services for energy and utilities companies across the spectrum:

Transmission and distribution service providers, affiliate electricity providers, retail electric providers, city-owned utilities, municipally-owned utilities, pay-as-you-go electricity providers, public utilities, water suppliers, mutual water companies, natural gas providers, natural gas pipeline companies, local distribution companies, solar power companies, energy generation, distribution or retail companies, oil and gas companies, oil field services, energy trading and alternative / renewable energy companies, and others.

BPO Support Services That Drive Business Growth for Energy and Utilities Organizations

Outsourcing business processes which are important but not core operations will facilitate efficient completion of the tasks. Our well-trained and experienced professionals will take up each operation with enthusiasm and integrity, and will deliver desired results as per the pre-defined schedule. By leveraging outsourcing to Invensis, internal employees at energy and utilities companies can focus on more pressing demands of the business - such as increasing productivity, identifying cost optimization measures, restructuring footprint, and managing the portfolio.

The dynamic nature of business often brings unforeseen demand for services - such as increased number of inbound calls to customer service after a power outage for an energy and utilities company. While some spikes in business activity are planned, others stem from unpredictable external causes. At such times, having Invensis for an outsourcing partner will facilitate seamless delivery of services. We have the scalable resource capability and 24x7 operations to cater to an increasing project requirement.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is developed in close collaboration with your team, after building a deep understanding of the business challenge and requirement. Our services are customized as per your need, and this ensures that results are aligned to business objectives.

Whether the target audience is B2B or B2C, energy and utilities companies have to focus on building customer satisfaction to grow the business. Invensis supports you in this objective by providing responsive and high-quality services that will increase loyalty in the long run.

We leverage best-in-class technology to facilitate the delivery of the required results to your business. With our knowledge of the technology domain and software design, we either identify the right application for your outsourcing requirement, or build one from scratch based on your specifications. We also have strong IT infrastructure that can be relied on for continuity of the outsourcing process.

At the time of a sale or marketing promotion, customer demand may spike, putting increased pressure to deliver the requirement. At other times, the spike may not be as predictable - such as in the case of a supply chain roadblock that halts order fulfillment. With scalable resource capability and 24x7 operations, Invensis will support your business through periods of normal business activity as well as escalating demand.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and consequently, we put quality management standards into practice to ensure only accurate results are delivered to your energy and utilities business - be it in data processing, software development, call center or finance and accounting services. You can rely on our Quality Assurance (QA) team to validate all output before delivery.

Invensis' delivery centers are located in safe zones, which makes outsourcing to us a risk-free proposition for your disaster recovery plan. We closely monitor our IT infrastructure to negate the chance of any downtime that can affect the delivery of results to your business.

Invensis offers a host of business process outsourcing services, covering requirements in call center, data processing, software development, finance and accounting and digital marketing. You can depend on Invensis for all your business process outsourcing needs, which will minimize the stress of multi-vendor management.

Whatever the process, we ensure that we follow global best practices in their implementation to deliver the best possible outcome for your energy and utilities business. Using metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all outsourced processes are fine-tuned to deliver the right results.

Invensis has more than 20 years of experience of working with clients across different industry verticals, and we understand that all businesses want to be kept in the loop about the progress of the work. We will provide you with regular reports and access to a dashboard to monitor the pace of the process and the completion of targets. A project manager will be designated for your process, and you can stay in touch with him or her to offer feedback or for any change in the requirement.

Invensis - Your Partner to Achieve Business Transformation

Value-added Consultation - invensis

Value-added Consultation

Having 20+ years of experience and expertise in delivering global outsourcing services, we ensure that our value added consultations provides the right answers to your business challenge.

Business Continuity Planning - invensis

Business Continuity Planning

We have extensive industry knowledge, resources, skilled personnel, systems, plans and processes in place that ensure business continuity even during emergency situations.

End to End Customized Services - invensis

End to End Customized Services

Invensis provides end-to-end customized services across major business functions and industry verticals ensuring on-time fulfilment of tasks.

Scalable and On-Time Delivery - invensis

Scalable and On-Time Delivery

Invensis possesses deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with changing requirements, ensuring the continuity and on-time completion of your project.

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