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In today’s era of globalization, your potential customers are located all across the globe. Hence, when you are thinking of growing your business, you must satisfy customer requirements globally.

Invensis offers 24x7 services for placing, tracking and fulfilling orders, which has become imperative for running businesses successfully.

The entire order process from placing an order to fulfillment requires optimization of business processes from your organization's perspective.

Benefits of efficient outsourced order management services

Order Management Services

Invensis provides order management services for businesses across different industry verticals:

  • Manufacturing
  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)
  • Education
  • Government services
  • Travel, Leisure and Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Publishing
  • Industrial goods etc.

What can Order Management Services by Invensis do?

  • Handle Multi Channel sales orders:
  • Adopt a multichannel strategy to receive orders from various sources - multiple physical stores, catalogs, multiple e-commerce websites, shopping applications and other digital platforms, to increase your sales and seamlessly integrate with your existing system.

  • Bulk Order Management:
  • We are equipped to handle large order volume and our services can be scaled as per demand - during sale periods or other events.

  • Inventory Management:
  • We shall sync and update your inventory immediately after an order is placed, thereby reflecting it on your eCommerce platform.

  • Automate your processes:
  • Invensis’ order management system can provide inventory control by automatically generating reports on your inventory, telling you exactly where you’re getting low and what to liquidate. It can use historical data to predict future inventory trends so you know what items to budget for and when to have them in-stock

End to End Services for the entire Order Management Cycle


Order Management Process at Invensis


We can manage all aspects of your omnichannel business, such as

  • order processing
  • call center management (for phone orders)
  • customer service/CRM
  • forecasting and purchasing
  • inventory management
  • accounting

Why choose Invensis as your Order Management Service Partner?

  • Streamlined Process from Start to Finish: Invensis offers your organization business process outsourcing support across requirements such as: multi-channel contact center, back office data processing, finance and accounting, IT services and more. With our order management services, you can be assured of a streamlined process right from placing the order to its successful fulfillment in a seamless manner.
  • On demand Scalability: For businesses that have seasonal spike in demand for their products or services, outsourcing to Invensis provides access to scalable resources, in terms of both talent and infrastructure. We offer 24x7 operations throughout the year, and hence, no order gets missed or mismanaged even if your phone is ringing off the hook.
  • Access to Best Talent: Our qualified professionals are rigorously trained in their core expertise. Whether it is customer service, data entry or accounting, global best practices are followed in every task. This saves you the stress of training and retraining internal employees for different tasks and incurring costs on new recruits.
  • Access to Latest Technology: We invest in the latest software for the processes that we deliver to ensure our clients have this advantage on their side. Whether the application is on-premise at our office, remotely accessed on your server, or hosted on the cloud, the process of outsourcing order management will be a completely seamless one for your business without any technical glitches.
  • Access to Best Practices: Invensis is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, ISO 27001 certified for data security and has achieved HIPAA compliance. We will process all orders with accuracy and within the desired turnaround time. Every order management task will be taken up with diligence and a commitment to deliver the best possible results.
  • Retain Control: We provide you with periodic reports, metrics and access to a dashboard, based on the process. This enables your team to review the progress made and inform us of any changes required in the execution of the tasks. Hence, you retain control over the outsourced work, which minimizes any risk of outsourcing for you.
  • Improve Internal Efficiencies: Outsourcing to the expert professionals at Invensis will remove the burden of non-core work from your internal employees. This will provide them with the bandwidth to pursue mission-critical goals in a more focused manner. All processes related to order management will be completed in a timely manner, creating a synergy between all your internal departments.Outsourcing will also be cost-effective, vis-a-vis investing in internal resources. Additionally, by outsourcing all order management related tasks to Invensis, your project managers will be spared the stress of multi-vendor management.

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