5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Java Development

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Java Development
5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Java Development

Java is one of the most preferred languages for building web applications and other software and has been around for quite some time now. Being an old language, there are hundreds of thousands of Java developers who can use it to accomplish specific goals. The development of this platform and the ability to add unique features has made it the go to language for development projects. There have been aggressive advancements in the field of software applications that a programmer needs to be in a continuous adapting and learning pattern to stay on top of their game. According to Oracle, more than 3 billion devices and 97% of enterprise desktop computers is powered by Java.

People’s expectations and tolerance levels have changed drastically in the past decade that approaching Java development the way it was done a decade ago will simply not be enough. In the United States, an experienced Java developer usually demands around $60 to %120 per hour which is quite high compared to developers in other countries. To complete projects these days, one Java developer might just not be enough. With project budgets being so high, business enterprises need a dream team. Enterprises who are not willing to pay exorbitant prices for Java developers should consider outsourcing as they can avail the same services at a lower cost. Apart from cost effectiveness there are various benefits of outsourcing java development.

Here are the key benefits of outsourcing Java Development:

  1. Cost Savings:

    The biggest benefit of outsourcing java development is cost saving. Apart from getting custom java development, enterprises can also effectively manage their capital by bringing down development costs by up to 40%-60%. In-house java development team can create financial burden on the enterprise as a fixed amount has to be spent each month on the developers even if the project has not been completed. Outsourcing allows the business enterprise to transform those fixed costs to variable costs allowing money to be freed up which can be used in other areas to produce revenues directly. For a lower budget enterprises can get more experienced and skillful developers.

  2. Helps in Concentrating on Core Operations:

    With increased growth, the back-office operations of a business enterprise also increases which can distract the enterprise from the demanding process of Java development. Expansion may force the enterprise to consume critical human and financial resources at the expense of core activities. Outsourcing Java development can allow the business enterprise to focus on their core objectives and goals so that they can build their brand, invest in R&D and provide higher value added services to their clients and customers. Outsourcing decreases the workload of the in-house personnel and allows the enterprise to invest more time in strengthening their core business processes.

  3. Assured Quality:

    The best quality Java application is what clients and customers want and business enterprises must strive hard towards providing just that. A large number of outsourcing companies are involved in Java development and to stay ahead of their competition it is imperative that they deliver the best quality Java solutions. To establish themselves and excel in their respective field, Java outsourcing companies usually work hard towards offering quality software solutions. Business enterprises must partner with offshore Java developers who provide unparalleled services and deliver the best Java development at reasonable rates.

  4. 24/7 Support and Communication:

    One of the biggest obstacles faced during the execution of software development project is lack of communication between the business enterprises which wants the java software and the outsourcing company that has to develop the software. However, Java development outsourcing companies usually have suitable mechanisms in place to tackle such issues to let the enterprise communicate with the people involved in the development at any convenient time. Apart from updating the business enterprise on the state of the project, they also accept any last minute changes that have to be incorporated in the software. This open communication channel between the business enterprise and their outsourcing partner ensures that the Java development project gets completed on time and on cost.

  5. Having a Dedicated Team:

    The advantages that business enterprises reap by outsourcing Java development goes beyond one time increased resources and product development. By maintaining a continued relationship with the Java developing vendor business enterprises can have a dedicated team of professionals at their disposal to work on their projects. This can potentially increase the comfort level of interactions between the enterprise and Java development outsourcing vendor and improve the productivity of future projects. By dedicating a professional development team to the business enterprise, the outsourcing partner can have a clear understanding of their deliverables and expectations. Enterprises can even leverage their partnership to enhance the profitability and marketability of existing Java applications. The Java development vendor can also be employed as a post-production support team by the enterprise and set up as a help desk for their customers.

With a large number of Java outsourcing companies eyeing for the same java application development project from the same business enterprises, risks are bound to arise. But enterprises can reap the benefits of outsourcing by choosing the right Java application development service provider.


  1. I found your article interesting. Following your idea of benefits of outsourcing Java development I would like to point out that choosing the right development team can be a long and difficult process. I have five steps to effectively outsourcing a development project: overcoming fears of outsourcing, finding the right potential candidates, qualifying and interviewing them, handling any of the challenges and improving from time to time.


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