Document Digitization Services – Eliminating the Paper Trail

Amy Pattinson
August 4, 2022
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The advantages of document digitization have been harped time and again by document digitizing services providers. Apart from facilitating organizations in clearing loads of paper clutter and utilizing office space for more productive purposes, data digitizing services offered by a data management service firm help archive useful historical and other research-based information that can later be easily accessed using tags and other features.

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Simply put, document digitizing services providers offer the best document management solution to convert a paper document into digital format by various means such as scanning, data entry, and capturing images using a digital camera, to name a few.

However, in this age of rampant information theft, it is imperative that clients make sure that proper care is taken by the document management company in disposing of the paper documents once they have been successfully digitized. Customer information is confidential and sensitive. If it falls into wrong hands, it is not only a breach of an agreement between the document management service firm and its client but also risky for the individuals to whom the information is linked.

When outsourcing document digitization to a document management company, proper measures should be in place to ensure that the concerned firm is insured for HIPAA and GLB compliance. These are the two regulatory bodies set up by the government to make sure that private information remains protected by all means. Furthermore, in order to be totally assured that best practices are adhered to while shredding voluminous documents, the shredding company should be thoroughly assessed in case the job is delegated to such an entity, or, the employees should be sensitized and trained to dispose of off the documents methodically once the digitization process is complete.

Organizations that need to store documents for a longer duration even after the digitization is complete need to make a special effort to ensure that the storage areas are well protected and secured at all times. Paper trail can only be eliminated by educating one and all handling delicate information about the importance of discretion and strict adherence to protocol.

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Amy Pattinson

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