7 Ways to Effectively Manage Team During COVID-19 Pandemic

David Cruz
August 2, 2022
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Handling a team during a pandemic is difficult! Management grapples with stress because of the collapsing economy. Additionally, supervising employees through the work-from-home paradigm complicates business operations. The C-level employees have to deal with various supply-chain disruptions, collaboration issues, and demand plunges. They truly have a lot on their plates that they need help with.

Ways to Guide Your Teams During COVID-19 Crisis

1. Recognize the Damage Caused

We haven’t dealt with a crisis this huge since the 2008 financial crisis. Naturally, the incompetence of the higher management is evident and reasonable. One of the most important parts of rehabilitation is ensuring your staff is capable and well-rested. Here’s how you can ensure your employees are cared for:-

  1. Assure emotional and psychological well-being for your employees and their families.
  2. Prepare a safety guideline for the workplace (if work-from-home is not an option for your business).
  3. Seek reliable information timely and communicate further.
  4. Add a tinge of constant support to your existing systems.
  5. Be aware of the impact of the situation.

All organizations should push towards a work-from-home culture to reduce office costs and ensure safety.

2. Communicate Effectively

Tough times demand a genuine and effective connection. Seeking information from reliable sources and passing it on to all stakeholders is essential. However, this connection should not be one-sided. Here are some ways you can spark an open dialog with your employees:-

  1. Have a consistent meeting routine with your teams.
  2. Take weekly updates with bigger groups.
  3. Review budget plans on a fortnightly basis.
  4. Use online platforms to connect different teams with higher-level leadership.

Did you know that 52 percent of Americans state that COVID-19 will cause financial problems? That’s why effective communication is important. You can build a trust bond by encouraging a responsible mindset instead of a fear-ridden victimhood mentality.

3. Upgrade Infrastructure

To survive in this digital world, you need to have technology at your side. While communication is critical, it’s incomplete without IT infrastructure and technology to back it up. If you’ve considered tech upgrades expensive and unnecessary, we’re sure this pandemic situation is forcing you to re-think. So, strengthen your business with the right technology to smoothen out the communication channels with different teams. Though all infrastructure developments are not feasible, you could use simple innovative choices to adapt to the organization’s needs. Here are the advantages of using technology:-

  1. Speeds up workflow processes.
  2. Streamlines storage and sharing.
  3. Facilitates flexible workplace norms.
  4. Automates menial tasks and frees up your staff’s time.
  5. Improves communication.

Did you know that approximately 20 percent of the time is wasted in information searches? Using technology helps your company save time and money.

4. Address Financial Concerns

Profits make businesses sustain, grow, and contribute to the economy. In uncertain times, companies need to protect capital and ensure positive cash flow. Leaders must ensure they pay their employees and vendors on time and have enough liquidity to continue business operations. Since the economy is in bad shape, leaders need to take temporary measures such as reductions or firing employees to control the checkbooks better. Here’s how you can cut your costs:-

  1. Use the Monthly Variable Component (MVC) to make the pay system flexible.
  2. If you have to cut employees’ salaries, start with upper management.
  3. Don’t hire anyone new.
  4. Ask your staff to multitask.
  5. Use necessary stimulus packages provided by the government.
  6. Request for payment extensions from different banks.

So, streamline your cash flow and use all the help you can to sustain your business.

5. Predict and Brace for Economic Downturn

Bracing yourself for the economic hard times ahead helps you prepare for all the challenges. Leaders must plan and execute financial models with recession scenarios to improve the future readiness of your business. Such predictive analyses polish your post-recession strategies by suggesting innovative solutions to your future problems. Companies should sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace due to this pandemic. Use your diversity to propel your business forward by encouraging your staff. You could build a trustworthy culture by taking everyone together during this pandemic.

6. Engage, Influence, and Develop People

You can make surviving this crisis easier by developing your employees for the future. Influencing your staff to continue learning during this crisis helps you and them for all challenges that lay ahead. You can use several digital platforms and apps to engage your staff meaningfully while they work from their homes. Inspire your staff to use the time away from work to upgrade their skills and take up multiple responsibilities.

Did you know that highly engaged employees help their companies outperform their competitors by 21 percent in profits? So, engage your employees to lead your company to a bright future.

7. Create a Detailed Crisis Management Plan

After using good predictive models, employers need to use insights from the analyses to plan and strategize for the future. Here’s our recommended advice to create a great plan:-

  1. Make a flexible plan.
  2. Include your staff to develop and manage your plan.
  3. Review the plan regularly to identify gaps or immediate issues.
  4. Fix your plan to incorporate the new issues.
  5. Communicate your plan effectively to the entire workplace.
  6. Make payments and benefits accessible to your staff.
  7. Clarify HR policies.

Moreover, if some specific tactics work for you, it’d be a good practice to share all your triumphs with your business community. After all, sharing is caring!


As a part of upper management, you’ll have to wear many hats during this crisis. We strongly believe that your two most important focus areas are your employees and your customers. Hence, use our tips to manage your teams during the coronavirus crisis.

Article by
David Cruz

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