10 Reasons Why ASP.NET5 Will Speed Up Web Application Development

Michael Harvey
August 17, 2022
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Microsoft’s latest version of ASP.NET called the ASP.NET 5 takes the flexible web application-building framework to newer levels. It is now an open-source in GitHub, with cross-platform support, enabling you to build and execute ASP.NET 5 applications on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. They are also much simpler to build, configure, and maintain.

10 Reasons Why ASP.NET5 Will Speed Up Web Application Development:

1. Flexible, Cross-Platform Runtime:

ASP.NET 5 applications can now be executed on the existing .NET Framework, the new .NET Core framework, which is lean and modular, or the Cross-platform CLR (for MAC and Linux OS). ASP.NET 5 allows you to build applications on one platform and run them on another platform seamlessly. This is because ASP.NET 5 uses a new common infrastructure called the K Runtime Environment (KRE) that provides various services to the developed application.

2. Cloud-Ready:

Cloud-based web applications need to be lightweight. Due to the self-sufficient Core framework, you can now create an application that can be directly deployed on the cloud. All the necessary supporting functions such as configuration, session state, diagnostics, etc. can work locally as well as in the cloud. Since the run time is now independent, many applications can be installed and run side by side with their own configurations and updated versions. A Cloud Computing Application Development specialist can tailor the power of ASP. NET 5 into developing cloud-ready powerful applications.

3. Separate Compilation Removed:

The ASP.NET 5 allows faster development since there is no need to compile apps explicitly. You can just save the source files, refresh your browser and the compilation will occur in the back-end automatically. Therefore, your application is ready as soon as you finish writing the code.

4. Flexible Hosting:

The entire ASP.NET 5 apps can now be hosted on IIS or in your own process. They can also be hosted on OWIN and Kestrel. This removes the dependency on the traditional System. Web namespace. This flexibility has been achieved by introducing a new feature interface called the Application Builder service that talks to the hosts, thus allowing hosts to be changed easily. Microsoft has adapted the OWIN standard that defines the interface between Web servers and their apps or clients along with some middleware concepts into its own Katana solution. Kestrel is another cross-platform web server developed by Microsoft.

5. A New HTTP Pipeline to Help Improve Performance:

The ASP.NET 5 has incorporated a new HTTP request pipeline, which enables you to pick up any middleware to run in your pipeline. Hence, you can run an application with as much functionality as you need. There is middleware for security, diagnostics, request routing as well as customizations as per your design. ASP.NET 5 simplifies the development of lightweight Http Context abstraction. This helps to improve application throughput. An expert in .NET application development can help you leverage the power of ASP.NET 5 to great effect.

6. Unified Framework:

The ASP.NET 5 has merged all frameworks such as MVC, Web API, and Web Pages of the ASP.Net. This has removed the inconsistencies and conflicts amongst them, enabling you to build apps using the unified model, without bothering about their specific differences. There is now a single pipeline, binding framework, and routing framework that can work with all three since there is a single manager to handle requests from each one of these apps.

7. Simplified Configuration:

ASP.NET 5 has eliminated the need of storing the configuration of your app in the Web.config file, replaced by the Startup.cs file, which enables the app to read the configurations automatically even when deployed in a cloud. This makes it simpler to add, update, and remove specified sources of configuration for your app.

8. Combined IntelliSense for Multiple Target Frameworks:

The ASP.NET 5 allows you to list down all the target platforms in the project.json file and the project will be built against each specified target framework in a single go. The Combined IntelliSense will point out if there are different errors for one or more target frameworks.

9. Support For Dependency Injection:

ASP.NET 5 allows you to add dependency injection in the entire stack simplifying app development and testing. Services can be accessed anywhere in the pipeline by the controller. ASP.NET 5 comes with a minimalistic container to bootstrap the system, which can easily be replaced by another customized one.

10. Use the Best of C# Features:

Since the compilation of ASP.NET 5 apps uses the .NET Compiler Platform, this allows you to leverage the new features of the C# language. In-memory compilation reduces unnecessary disk I/O, thereby allowing dynamic compilation of your code, along with the agile benefits of an interpreted language.

The new ASP. Net 5 is cloud-ready, offers faster development, has flexible hosting, and gives the feature for full side-by-side support, such that installing an ASP. Net 5 application will not disturb any other applications running on the machine. It has simplified and reduced the number of concepts by merging MVC, WebPages, and Web API. It has been revamped completely for enhancing flexibility, performance, and ease of confirmation and deployment across popular OS platforms. Understanding the above 10 reasons that explain why ASP. NET 5 will speed up web application development will help companies leverage their power better.  Taking the help of high-quality web application development specialists to effectively use ASP.

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Michael Harvey

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