Ways Product Data Enrichment Can Drive e-Commerce Sales

In the age of information, offering comprehensive data to your customers should be a number one priority. Especially with the transition to digital portals for purchasing, users miss out on the being able to physically touch and examine a product. When they shop online they look towards product descriptions to offer in depth details to almost replicate the process.

3 out of 4 shoppers abandon their cart before checkout. This process is aided by a lack of relevant information within product descriptions which could encourage customers to do the same. Introducing Product Data Enrichment to ensure information provided is crisp, concise and useful could help drive sales and in turn overall business progress.

What is Product Data Enrichment?

Product Data Enrichment in an e-Commerce context offers a more comprehensive experience when browsing products to assess against your requirements. It focuses on improving product descriptions from texts and photos to dynamic and interactive pages that demand attention while offering deep details. This includes measurements, alternative and/or complementary products and variations in colors and sizes.

The objective of e-Commerce product enrichment is to offer a more comprehensive purchasing experience. It gives the customer context and a better vision for how the purchase of a product would be able to enhance their lives.

In order to introduce Product Data Enrichment to your organization, the information gathered must be of the highest quality. This means product data must be organized and in an easy to access space. This could be done with the assistance of a product information management software (PIM). Implementing software assistance will offer a streamlined process to maximize time spent on creating rich product descriptions.

Data Enrichment and e-Commerce Sales

Looking to boost e-Commerce sales through enhanced data enrichment? Here are ways the two can be integrated for enhanced business benefits;

1. Decreased Cart Abandonment

Customers are more likely to discard the items in their cart if they are unable to retrieve all the information about the product they desire. The gap in data could be the reason a seemingly confirmed purchase is halted. Introduce details of all product components. Doubt must not be the reason a sale is denied.

2. Contextualization

Understanding a products value addition is a critical component to ensuring a successful sale. When product descriptions are written, they need to offer data regarding how the product is able to address and solve the customers needs. This contextual application makes purchasing more likely as customers are able to imagine how their lives are enhanced with the addition of that product.

3. Enhancing Metadata

Incorrect product titles, descriptions and tags mean customers are less likely to find what they are looking for. Introducing correct metadata for each product page helps propel customers towards the page not only when they access your e-Commerce portal, but also from search engines. This will lead to increased page visits when implemented correctly.

4. Correct Product Categorization

Especially when organizations are dealing with high product volumes, they are more likely to make errors with category listing. This makes it more difficult for customers to find what they are looking for and also leads to lower SEO rankings caused by the confusion. Introducing strong Product Data Enrichment principles can fix these errors and even detect missed issues. Linking product pages to the right tags and keywords is critical to boosting e-Commerce sales.

5. Cross-Selling

Introducing complementary and alternative products to customers could result in a purchasing process of better value. Perhaps the product being looked for is out of stock, offering an alternative may help the prospect of a sale stay intact. Additionally offering complementary products helps enhance user experience when combined with the product purchased. Solid recommendations make users more likely to return.

6. Upselling

Introducing aspirational products is a more helpful technique to generate larger impact sales. Offering an upscale alternative to the product being searched for could introduce stronger long term benefits to the user. Data Enrichment helps put this information into a palatable format for customers.

7. Accessorize

Product Data Enrichment is all about offering customers a more comprehensive virtual shopping experience. Much like impulse purchases at brick and mortar checkout lines, introduce accessory options to product description pages. Offering items that enhance a product’s use could encourage buyers to make larger purchases than intended under the pretext of maximizing their original purchase.

8. Content is Key

Attractive content is a winner under any circumstances. On e-Commerce portals, your sales are dependent on the quality of information or content conveyed to your customer. Choose vivid descriptions filled with emotive adjectives and all the pertinent facts and figures. If descriptions are creative and comprehensive, customers are more likely to complete sales due to solid information flows. Introduce dynamic content options too such as video and clickables. Keep your customer educated and engaged.

9. Minimize Confusion

Product Data Enrichment offers minimal gaps in the flows of information from the website to the customer. Offer firm contextualization, possible reasons for or benefits of purchasing and a simple to execute purchasing process to create a simple flow from need development to procurement. The less likely it is for a hitch to go off, the more likely a successful sale is on the horizon.


Product Data Management is to e-Commerce what internet access is to e-Commerce; non negotiable. Creating rich information deposits for customers to view and understand offers a more comprehensive and rewarding purchasing experience for customers.

Enhancing your product descriptions can only bridge knowledge gaps and encourage customers to sit through the entire purchasing process because it is interesting to look at yet simple to use. Product Data Enrichment is a must add to any organization vending products on any digital platform.

Final Thoughts

Product Data Enrichment drives e-Commerce sales through offering a holistic purchasing experience. With an aesthetic downpour of relevant information, customers are able to recreate the assurity of instore purchases online. Comprehensive product descriptions, dynamic page elements, complementary and alternative product listing along with accurate categorization and tagging all contribute to a successful sale. Introducing PDE measures push businesses towards achieving their business goals.

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