Software Performance Testing Services

The primary purpose of a software application is to ensure that it delivers the specific business goals for its users. Lack of user-friendliness, poor performance (failure to fulfill SLAs), and negative experience associated with an application or website can lead to loss of customer faith and severe loss of reputation. Performance Testing is vital for checking the stability and determining the end-user experience of a business website/software product.

Performance testing involves testing the subject under different kinds of loads and evaluating how well it bears up in terms of speed, scalability and stability.

Investing in in-house performance testing may be good if companies have the time and resources for it. However, most businesses have deadlines by which they have to deliver their applications. Carrying out performance testing requires considerable knowledge about networks, applications and browsers as well as familiarity with various tools. It is costly and resource-intensive too.

A more practical way for businesses would be to outsource the performance testing to an expert software testing and quality assurance service provider. Invensis Technologies, a leading Software Testing Company, has 20 years’ experience in providing quality software testing services. By outsourcing their performance testing requirements, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle.

Software Performance Testing Services

Range of Performance Testing Services

Invensis provides a comprehensive range of performance testing services. We will customize the tests according to the needs of our clients. The tests offered include:

Load Testing

In load testing, the ability of the application to withstand different loads (user demand) is tested under otherwise normal conditions. Invensis has specialized load testing services.

Stress Testing

In stress testing, the ability of the application to withstand difficult environmental conditions is checked. Invensis has considerable experience in providing load testing services.

Performance Testing Life Cycle

Invensis’ testing team will collaborate with the clients’ developer team to decide on a strategy, which best fits, the client’s requirements. The general outline for performance testing is as follows:

    1. Project Assessment (Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation and Analysis):

    Our testing team would determine the requirements for testing, following consultation with our client developers. They would determine the scope of the testing, the test objectives, and carry out the test planning.

    2. Architecture Review:

    We would carry out an architecture review of the application to be tested.

    3. Test Strategy:

    We would carry out an architecture review of the application to be tested.

    4. Test Design:

    The testers would then write the script for the test case. This would require the use of performance testing best practices, scripting standards, naming conventions and workload calculations. The design would include coming up with the different test scenarios in which the testing would be conducted.

    5. Test Execution:

    The test scripts would be parametrized. The user scenarios would be grouped. Load scenarios would be created. The load would be simulated and executed.

    6. Results Analysis:

    The test results will be analyzed. A log of the results will be kept for recording purposes. The metrics for measuring the test would be observed and defect tracking would be carried out.

    7. Reports and Recommendations:

    Our team would submit a complete report of the test, its results, and recommendations based on the original set criteria for performance testing.

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