Everything You Must Know About Resellers & Channel Partners
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Everything You Must Know About Resellers & Channel Partners

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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The words "channel partner" and "resellers" are extensively used across various industries. But what do they mean? How do they differ from each other? Let's find out.

As the name suggests, resellers purchase products and services from parent companies and sell them to end-users. Of course, this procedure is followed in the name of profit. Nevertheless, "sell" and "purchase" is loosely used here. It is because they originally meant "host" or "rent" in the digital world. If you are struggling to improve your business demands, you can knock on the door of Invensis. Invensis is a reputed leader in empowering numerous global businesses and organizations through high-quality back office BPO services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom line.

Who are Resellers?

A reseller acts as an intermediary between a business and its potential customers. They implement a typical method for selling as they brand the purchased products to be their own. They follow this method because they don't need to reveal the parent company to the consumers. The considerable advantage of a reseller relationship is business and profit growth for both vendors and resellers.

Who are Channel Partners?

Like resellers, channel partners share a more fantastic bilateral relationship with the parent company. And the benefits and expectations of this relationship can only be laid out by a partner program. This will make the parent company invest more in its partners and become more dependent on their success.

On the other hand, channel partners and parent companies can expand their products and solutions. This will help them become a one-stop shop, which highly encourages long-term commitments. This exquisite partnership involves shared marketing materials, consistent communication, persistent involvement with the product, and much more.

What is the Difference Between Resellers and Channel Partners?

Resellers are those who purchase services and products from an existing business. After that, they resell those products and services to end-users instead of profits. On the other hand, channel partners build alliances with businesses. They are meant to work together to expand their services and products, amplifying their business.

The following listing will give you a better picture of the key differences between the two.

Reseller PartnersChannel Partners greater access to untapped markets Efficiently helps in increasing brand awareness Helps in fast selling of products and services Helps in selling services and products directly to consumers Efficiently manages customer interaction and sales Potentially enhances customer retention Helps in establishing a strong and sturdy customer base Customers better trust channel partners Allows including value-added services within your products Efficiently makes progress tracking easier

Types of Channel Partners

Channel partners work as an indirect sales force for all parent vendors. This means they efficiently help sell products and services on behalf of other vendors. Nevertheless, the channel partners are regarded as independent companies. So they are proficient in marketing products and services developed by themselves and other vendors.

Following are some distinctive types of channel partners:

Systems Integrator (SI)

A systems integrator is someone who purchases individual hardware and software components from numerous vendors. After that, they are integrated within one customized solution to meet the business requirements of their customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Earlier, OEMs used to build products for modification, rebranding and reselling. However, it has efficiently changed over time. OEMs are meant to purchase products and services that they can rebrand as their own. And after that, they can resell them precisely how they were built.

They also have the privilege of adding and bundling additional features produced them. After which, they can choose to resell the bundled offering.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Value-added resellers usually purchase technology products and add other features to the original product. After this, they resell the bundled offering to their consumers. For example, they might purchase specific computer hardware and incorporate a software application ready to sell. Moreover, they can also choose to add value by offering training, technical support, or installation along with the product.


Similar to a reseller, just that a distributor works as a middleman between two independent companies. One is a channel partner, while the other is a manufacturer of a service or product. For example, a parent vendor might choose to sell through a distributor, thereby saving their time for marketing. But, again, it is because the distributors already have a well-established distribution channel.

A distributor might augment a vendor's resources by offering technical assistance and training. Moreover, they also offer sales and marketing support to each channel partner.

IT Consultant

They are usually meant to provide network design services, independent IT advice, and project management. They also efficiently offer administration and support to all businesses. IT consultants generally provide similar services to managed service providers. Nevertheless, they do not offer management and long-term monitoring of their client's network infrastructure.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP is usually meant for monitoring, managing, and maintaining the IT infrastructure of a company. It might or might not include remote monitoring of the company's network to ensure the accessibility of all employees. It also provides data security and storage, management of end-user devices, upgrades, product installation, and many more.

Large enterprises usually hire an MSP to eliminate day-to-day tactical responsibilities. Thus, they can efficiently remain more focused on strategic technology initiatives. Sometimes small and mid-sized businesses with no IT professional staff also hire them. And an MSP can take up the responsibility of IT management.

What are the Benefits of Channel Partnership?

Various partner programs offer multiple benefits to both partners and vendors. Listed here are a few benefits provided by a channel partnership.

Trades Latest Technology

The best thing about channel partnerships is that they efficiently sell their clients the latest technology products and services.

Offers a Complete Suite of Services and Products

Channel partners are well known for offering numerous services and products from various vendors. It enables them to deliver a diverse portfolio to their consumers. This significantly meets particular specific technology and business needs of the customers.

Receives Excellent Leads

Many vendors are still marketing their products and services on their own. The leads they receive are then passed onto the channel partners and followed up.

Makes the Most of Additional Resources and Expertise

All channel partners have access to the financial resources of a vendor. Besides, it also includes product and market training, technical support, marketing assistance, campaign templates, co-op funds, etc.

Expands Margin

Channel partnerships offer significant benefits of increased margins. However, it solely depends on the product amount sold, revenue opportunities, and additional discounts.

Potential Benefits of an Established Name

Sometimes prominent, recognized, and reputed vendors can deliberately benefit small IT consultants and MSPs. For instance, big brands, including Cisco, Microsoft, and Citrix, are highly beneficial for conveying potential customers. In addition, this relationship with a respected and reputed manufacturer offers immediate credibility to the reputation of the channel partner.

Qualities of a Good Channel Partner

To know a good channel partner, you need to know what an ideal channel partner looks like. You should look for the following aspects in an efficient channel partner. They are:

  • The benefit of your products and services depends on how well your partner understands your market and its customers
  • Follows an incredibly similar sales procedure., thereby introducing and upselling your products
  • Their products complement your products and fill the gap of practical help
  • Possesses high technical expertise and knowledge for your partner to sell your products
  • Has efficient and ample commitment required for succeeding and has a basic understanding of your product

What are the Techniques for Creating a Sales Channel Program?

To create a successful sales channel program, you must first craft helpful content to attract partners. Then you need to focus on your partner's requirements and choose the best suit structure for channel sales partnership.

After that, you need to motivate your partners to sell and maintain all lines of communication with them. Lastly, you can efficiently use the sales channel partnership platform and offer different reward systems.


When shopping for a vendor, ensure you don't get caught up with the terminologies. You never know; a partner program is probably a dealer network in disguise. On the other hand, any advertisement for resellers is probably a part of a proper channel partnership.

Choose a suitable partnership for your business today. And if you can incorporate both reseller and channel partnerships, you can do that too.

Why Choose Invensis as Your Channel Partner

At Invensis, we spend quality time with our clients to understand their needs and demands. We ensure that our experts perfectly align and embrace the technology brought forth by our clients. We also ensure they make the best use of their technology to scale and expand their business.

As your all-in-one channel partner, we know how IT management and infrastructure development are essential for you. Thus, we're happy to associate with our clients to help them advance towards growth and success. Our experts provide top-notch services for you to promote enhanced business efficiency and the best business scaling solutions.

Come, associate with Invensis and make us your comprehensive channel partner to experience a brighter tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Channel Sales Mean?

Any indirect sales that occur through distribution channels are known as channel sales. Channel partners, like intermediary agents, usually facilitate these sales. Even businesses that greatly influence the end consumer's purchasing decisions are involved in the same. For example, more than 76% of industrial marketers count on some intermediary for selling their products to end consumers.

2. What Do You Mean by Channel Strategy?

Channel strategies are some grandiose plans that efficiently help in improving channel sales. It includes increasing sales, building brand awareness, training, and reducing serving costs. Moreover, it deliberately gathers complete data for personalizing marketing to channel partners.

3. What Are the Ways to Develop a Channel Partner?

Developing a channel partner successfully requires a variety of strategies. It involves much more than development, which includes: providing enablement, offering value, and building relationships. Finding the right way to align organizational goals will help you develop a successful partnership. Besides, it will emphasize creating a win-win situation consistently.

The most effective way to develop a channel partner is through the channel partner reward program. It can efficiently help in developing relationships with channel partners. And also consistently encourage them to work in closer proximity with other companies.

4. What Is the Strategy for Paying Channel Partners?

Channel partners are usually meant to take care of and control the selling service of all businesses. For this task, they are typically paid with a commission or a predetermined fee.

5. Why Is Invensis the Outstanding Solution for a Channel Partner?

Invensis is determined to be the outstanding solution for a channel partner because of the following reasons:

  • Have potential expertise and enhanced skills
  • Offer world-class technical assistance
  • Gravely focus on market scalability and growth
  • Have an efficient partnership mentality

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