6 Compelling Reasons Why Customers Prefer Real-time Order Tracking
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6 Compelling Reasons Why Customers Prefer Real-time Order Tracking

Simmons Bennett
Simmons Bennett
January 10, 2024
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January 10, 2024


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Real-time order tracking is an interactive and immediate system in e-commerce. It helps customers monitor the precise status and location of their orders throughout the entire delivery process. By leveraging advanced technology, this feature provides users with instant updates and visibility and informs them about order fulfillment stages, delivery estimates, and potential delays. 

Real-time order tracking also meets the modern customer's desire for a seamless and informed shopping experience. Customers prefer this feature for its ability to reduce uncertainty, minimize waiting times, and foster a sense of trust. Further, it transforms the shopping journey, provides assurance and satisfaction, and shapes it into a customer-centric and efficient process. This blog will delve into key reasons behind customer’s preference for real-time order tracking. 

According to a report by Optimoroute, 24.6% of online shoppers said they want to return to a brand that offers real-time order tracking.

How Real-Time Order Tracking Works? 

Real-time order tracking is a sophisticated system that relies on cutting-edge technologies and synchronized communication channels within the supply chain. In this a unique tracking identifier is generated and linked to the purchase when a customer initiates an order. This identifier serves as a digital fingerprint and connects the order to a real-time tracking interface accessible to the customer.

As the order progresses through various stages, including confirmation, dispatch, transit, and estimated delivery times, these key events are meticulously logged in the system. The real-time updates are sent to customers through notifications, email alerts, or a dedicated tracking portal.

For instance, imagine a customer purchases a product online and receives a confirmation email containing a tracking link. The customer witnesses a dynamic timeline that illustrates when the package is out for delivery and provides a live estimation of its arrival. This intricate integration of data and communication ensures customers track their orders and experience a transparent, informed, and engaging journey from purchase to delivery.

Why Do Customers Prefer Real-Time Order Tracking? 

Let's explore the key reasons behind customer's preferences for real-time order tracking below: 

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced visibility refers to the detailed and up-to-date information customers receive about their orders' status, location, and progression throughout the delivery process. This level of transparency is made possible through tracking tools that offer real-time updates and allow customers to actively monitor their purchases. These processes help customers clearly understand when their order is dispatched, in transit, and expected to arrive. Further, this eliminates uncertainties and minimizes waiting times.

A real-life example of enhanced visibility is a courier service providing a live tracking map. Customers can witness the real-time location of the delivery vehicle, estimated arrival times, and even the delivery route. This information satisfies curiosity and facilitates better planning, contributing to an overall positive and customer-centric shopping experience.

Greater Control

Greater control is the autonomy and influence that customers have over the delivery process. This capability empowers customers to actively manage and customize certain aspects of their orders and contribute to an enhanced overall shopping experience. It allows customers to enjoy the ability to redirect packages to alternative addresses while they are still in transit. For instance, if a customer realizes they won't be home during the original delivery window, they can use real-time tracking tools to redirect the package to a nearby pickup point or another designated address.

Furthermore, it allows customers to proactively reschedule deliveries based on their convenience. Customers can align the delivery with their availability by providing options to modify delivery times, reducing the likelihood of missed deliveries and having overall control over the entire order fulfillment process. This level of control caters to individual preferences and fosters a sense of empowerment and customer-centric service.

Features of Built-in & Integrated Order Tracking
Image 1 - Features of Built-in & Integrated Order Tracking

Minimized Waiting Times

Minimized waiting times, facilitated by real-time order tracking, resonates with customers seeking a more efficient and convenient shopping experience. Instead of the traditional uncertainty associated with delivery windows, real-time tracking gives customers precise and updated information about when their packages are expected to arrive.

This feature significantly reduces the time customers spend waiting for deliveries. For example, a customer receiving a notification stating, "Your package will be delivered within the next 30 minutes," allows them to plan accordingly and be ready to receive the order promptly. 

Convenience & Reassurance

Convenience and reassurance impact customers' shopping experiences. The convenience aspect arises from the seamless access to pertinent information regarding the status and location of their orders. Customers receive timely notifications which ensures a hassle-free way to stay informed without the need for constant inquiries. This convenience is closely tied to reassurance, as customers gain confidence and peace of mind throughout the delivery process. 

Real-time tracking assures customers that their orders are on schedule and reduces anxieties associated with uncertainties. For instance, receiving a notification stating, "Your package is out for delivery," not only adds to the convenience but also reassures customers that their eagerly awaited order is en route. The combination of convenience and reassurance transforms the customer experience, fosters trust and satisfaction. This duo ensures that customers have a positive and lasting relationship with the brand.

Adaptability to Changes

Adaptability to changes is a valuable aspect of real-time order tracking. It provides customers with flexibility in managing their deliveries according to evolving circumstances. This feature allows customers to adjust their delivery preferences even while the order is in transit. For instance, if customers realize they won't be available at the originally scheduled delivery time, real-time order tracking enables them to adapt to this change. Customers can easily reschedule the delivery to a more convenient time or redirect the package to an alternative address, such as a workplace or a nearby pickup point.

This adaptability feature accommodates unexpected changes in a customer's schedule and reflects a customer-centric approach. It empowers customers to customize their delivery experience, catering to their dynamic lifestyles and preferences. 

Real - Time Order Tracking - Efficiency Metrics
Image 2 - Real-Time Order Tracking - Efficiency Metrics

Seamless Communication

As an integral component of real-time order tracking, seamless communication ensures a smooth and transparent flow of information between the customer and the delivery process. Customers appreciate the timely updates and notifications that keep them informed about the status and progress of their orders.

For example, receiving instant alerts when the order is confirmed, out for delivery, or delayed provides customers with a clear understanding of the order's journey. These updates are often communicated via SMS, email, or app notifications, ensuring that customers are well-informed without actively seeking updates. Further, such communication fosters transparency and builds trust, as customers feel connected to the entire delivery process. This two-way communication meets customer expectations and keeps them informed at every stage of the order fulfillment journey.


In the coming time, real-time order tracking will be a dynamic, intuitive, and integral aspect of seamless and customer-centric retail ecosystem. A dynamic shift of real-time order tracking will shift from convenience to essentiality. All these things will materialize as AI will personalize tracking interfaces, offer predictive insights into delivery times and preferred communication channels. Further, Augmented reality could provide immersive tracking experiences, allowing customers to interact virtually with their packages. As the demand for sustainability grows, eco-friendly tracking options may also emerge. 

At Invensis, we keep our clients future-ready by adopting advanced technologies and continually improving our optimized processes. Contact us to navigate the intricacies of managing orders and ensure enhanced customer experience with our order management services.

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