OCR Clean-up Services

Today's business productivity requires the management of large volumes of business documents and the data they contain, through methods such as data entry and data processing. This need has necessitated the widespread use of Optical Character Recognition as a dominant way of managing the processing of large volumes of data in documents in a short span of time. OCR is a very advanced technology used for data entry processes. It requires specialized equipment and skilled personnel.

In spite of this, OCR-based data entry of large volumes of data, can still allow in errors that can lead to deterioration of data quality leading to the strong possibility of inaccurate business actions. These data errors can include missing data, misread data, duplicated data etc. Having efficient and methodical OCR-clean up processes in place, along with the OCR technology, ensures that these errors are tracked, and rectified as soon as they creep in into the data set.

Invensis is a leading IT-BPO that provides cost-effective and high quality data quality and management services. We have a highly experienced team of experienced data entry experts, who are adept at carrying out OCR Clean up.

OCR Cleanup Services

Why outsource OCR Clean up to Invensis?

Invensis' OCR Clean up services provides an additional level of quality control to your data entry projects. Here are some of the benefits that clients obtain, from outsourcing their OCR clean up requirements to us:

Thus, making use of Invensis' combination of OCR and OCR-cleanup services is a powerful weapon that ensures that your data will be of very high quality and accuracy and will be extremely reliable.

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