10 Reasons Why HTML 5 is a Great Mobile Application Template

With the increasing adoption of mobiles and tablet, the expectations of consumers have risen to new heights. Now, they not only demand instant gratification of content but also an experience that is even more exciting than that of the web. Till recently, this was a worrisome topic for developers working on mobile platforms while industry think tanks battled to find solutions.


10 Reasons Why HTML 5 Is a Great Mobile Application Template
10 Reasons Why HTML 5 Is a Great Mobile Application Template

In came the latest coding language of HTML – the HTML5, and suddenly, the industry burst with euphoria, enabling developers to make giant leaps and bounds in the area of mobile experience. HTML5 allowed developers to deliver a more intuitive and richer user experience within the mobile browser while taking care of the smaller screen and real estate of the mobile UI.

HTML 5, thus, has become one of the most powerful mobile application templates of today. Here are the top 10 reasons why HTML5 works wonders on a mobile application platform. Leveraging the expertise of a competent and experienced HTML5 web and mobile application development outsourcing service provider would help boost your application development process.

10 Reasons why HTML5 is a Great Mobile Application Template

  1. Cross-platform Compatibility:

    This is one of the biggest highlights of HTML5. Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc., the same UI of the HTML5 app will work equally across different devices. This, thus, helps in keeping the user experience consistent.

  2. Better Interaction:

    An HTML5 app provides an enriched user experience: it is more responsive, dynamic, and engaging. This means users are able to consume content not only in the most appropriate manner but also in a manner that is more fun and enjoyable. A few examples: On smaller screens, it is far more convenient to scroll vertically than move horizontally. HTML5 helps in keeping the content in a single column – without changing the markup. HTML5 has the ability to auto-hide the address bar. – For e-commerce, it provides richer/ enhanced product images and streamlines the shopping cart. Users can tap, pinch and zoom with much ease. – It offers ‘Canvas’ – a much better drawing tag as opposed to Flash. In addition, one can develop cool games as well. – Other cool APIs include Drag n Drop, browser history management, document editing, timed media playback, and video & audio support.

  3. Removes Updates:

    HTML5 allows web apps to be automatically updated. Thus, no manual interventions are required and users are able to view the most updated version every time they visit the app. Also, sometimes the user experience is compromised when manual upgrades are stalled due to low bandwidth speed or unavailability of the internet; something which is taken care of, in the HTML5 web app.

  4. Saves Time and Bandwidth:

    Both time and money are drastically saved when apps are developed using HTML5. This is because, unlike native apps, there is no need to develop separate apps that can be compatible with every OS. In addition, HTML5 required much cleaner code and comes with improved semantics having specific tags (which ones are headers, footers, etc.) so developers can cut the “divitis” and “classitis”.

  5. Easy to Maintain:

    HTML5 is based on open source and is not dependable on App stores, etc. So, it is easier for both, developers and users, to make use of.

  6. Better Suited for Emerging Markets:

    Mobile devices are a big hit, especially in emerging markets. In addition, HTML5 is just apt for developers working in these markets. For example – Mobile penetration is Africa is fast developing, and diverse devices are in use. In addition, iPhones are not so much a hit there due to the cost factor. To cater to the mass audience of Africa, ecosystems like iOS would not suffice, but HTML5 apps, which are more compatible across devices, can be a popular solution.

  7. Create an App-Like Experience:

    HTML5 allows the creation of a hybrid app, which behaves just like a native app but does not require users to download the app from any store. It has been found that downloading is more akin to brand loyalists, but with HTML Hybrid apps, the reach is universal.

  8. Smarter Storage:

    This feature is a bit of both, old cookies and client-side database. However, it is much better than cookies as it allows capturing of data across multiple windows, and data can be stored even after the window is closed. Moreover, it comes with better security and performance. Local storage helps in ways such as storing user information, the ability to cache data 9 (speed up the initial load and allowing users to read content offline), and the ability to load the user’s previous application state.

  9. Geolocation Support:

    HTML5 leverages the power of internal GPS to identify where the user is. With the data in hand, it then throws valuable information that might be relevant to the user. This is most helpful for brick-n-mortar stores where users are directed to the closest stores upon launch of the store app. Travel giant, expedia.com is a great example to show the power of geolocation on a mobile browser.

  10. Supported by Big Companies and Developer Community:

    HTML5 is supported by the greatest companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. Therefore, some of the most well-known and used mobile browsers are bound to be compatible with HTML5. Also, this technology is driven by its developer community which involves both, front-end and back-end developers. As a result, new features are added only when their benefits are experienced at every level.

One of the reasons why HTML5 is gaining popularity and aggressively being adapted is its ability to constantly reshape itself and remain relevant to the users. Therefore, this template is scalable by many standards, and users can adapt it as per their needs. It is estimated that by 2016, HTML5 usage with mobile browsers will surge to 2.1 billion – a ballpark figure that speaks for itself in terms of how exciting the journey is likely to be.


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