4 Social Media Strategies to Enhance Customer Service

4 Social Media Strategies to Enhance Customer Service
4 Social Media Strategies to Enhance Customer Service

There is no denying the fact that customer service needs to be delivered across multiple platforms, and companies should be proficient across multiple methods of communication. In this new-age, a customer expects to be able to interact with a business through various channels. As a result, a business should ensure it is available across all channels; in addition, they should be deeply integrated and coordinated with their existing customer care teams. 

One of the widely popular means of servicing a new-age customer is through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Social media has become a part and parcel of our lives. The tremendous reach of social media has revolutionized the delivery of customer services as businesses have started realizing the value of social media to enhance customer experience.

As customers use social media frequently, businesses have started exploring it as a tool for customer retention, conversation and generate new orders. Moreover, social media also provides instant feedback on the products or services that can be used to improve quality and the overall business.

There is no doubt that social media has become indispensable in customer service. If businesses can deliver effective customer service via social media, they will be seen as a go-to brand and their reputation grow manifold.

The following tips should help businesses use social media effectively to enhance customer service:

  1. Enabling Feedback: 

    Businesses should encourage customers to leave their feedback on its social media profiles. For instance, a business can use the review facility of Facebook and Google+ pages.  Such actions could also improve your search engine rankings, thereby bringing more traffic to your site.

  2. Monitoring Conversations: 

    Setting up profiles in various social media circles is not enough. It needs to be continuously monitored to know what customers are thinking about your brand. Some of this will be positive, while some may be negative too. Such negative thoughts should be addressed quickly to reduce the damage on the brand. The best example is Netflix, which uses Twitter as a customer service platform.

  3. Quick Response: 

    A business should train their staff to give quick responses to customers’ complaints before it emerges in to a big crisis. The response time varies with the issues being discussed; it generally should be within an hour. The business should respond only after collecting necessary information, asking more details and the issues customers are facing. It should be done in a professional way, just like in a call center.
    If the business manages to respond within time and solve the issue, then it acts as an excellent advertisement for the brand as the customer is likely to share it across the social media.

  4. Tight Integration: 

    Businesses should closely integrate social media into their existing customer service department. In this new age, social media is influencing all business functions and thereby making a business more customer-centric. 

There are various tools that help businesses track their brand in the social media and provide best solutions. Some of the popular technologies include Yammer (Microsoft), IBM Connections, and Jive. Customer service executives use these platforms to collaborate with each other and with subject-matter experts within communities of interest, similar to Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their respective groups. These enterprise apps also enable individuals and groups to share their works and team up for specific projects.

For example, a call center receives a call from a customer who has a specific question on tax implications over purchasing a product. The executive searches the enterprise social platform for persons with “tax expert” in their profile and locates a subject matter expert. Then, the executive contacts such person and provides an effective solution for the issue.

Call center executives can locate experts with the help of gamification features such as likes, thumbs-ups etc. Subject matter experts with more number of likes enjoy higher rating and may provide correct advice.

So, it would be wiser for a business to utilize the benefits of social media and improve customer service They can also explore how various social collaboration tools can improve their contact center operations. A pro-active contact center would certainly make the best use of social media technologies to bolster their customer service.

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Last Updated on August 20, 2020


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