Top 7 B2B Appointment Setting Tips

Amy Pattinson
August 1, 2022
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One of the most integral parts of any business is scheduling appointments. It is one of the ways for sales representatives to meet potential clients in person. During a face-to-face meeting it is easier to respond to the prospect’s concerns and queries. It also helps in gaining the prospect’s trust. As the uncertainties in the business world grow, business enterprises have realized the importance of bringing about improvements in their sales cycle operations. An effective B2B appointment setting services is required to schedule sales opportunities and generate qualified leads. To optimize B2B appointment scheduling efforts the right attitude in telemarketing approach and leveraging of key facilities is necessary.

Selling is considered as an art form and involves few simple steps which have to be performed flawlessly and consistently. Starting business relationship starts with engaging prospects on a personal level. Business appointment setting is rarely taken into serious consideration by business enterprises who consider it to be an unnecessary investment. But they fail to realize that their marketing and sales team can be benefited to a great extent. Several attributes such as research, assertiveness, precise record keeping, patience and skill are required for success in appointment-setting. The prospect could be anyone from the CEO of a company to a data admin and a blend of techniques and tips can be used to reach out to the prospects.

Here are the top B2B appointments setting tips

Be Well Prepared:

Preparation is the secret to effective appointment setting. To convince the prospect to meet up, it is necessary to know what has to be said even before the call has been made. The value proposition of the appointment setting campaign must also be documented along with why the target audience would be interested in taking up the call. Not everyone will be interested in what is being proposed over the call. Everything about the prospect must be found out so that the call can be tailored to their needs.

Many do not like cold calling and therefore the callers must be mentally prepared to act with confidence. The key goals and mission of the company where the prospect works must be known. Also, the answers provided by the prospects must be carefully listened to so that the prospects’ needs and questions can be easily anticipated when a caller is trying to set an appointment.

Always Ask for Prospect’s Time:

When calling a prospect, it is not recommended to rush into a sales pitch immediately. The prospect must be asked if they have enough time to talk before pitching a sale. If the prospect does not have the time, a more suitable time to call them must be arranged as in the overall scheme of things it can turn out to be a more successful conversation. Salesperson must ask prospects questions like ‘Do you have a minute to spare?’ or ‘Is it a bad time to talk?’ Salespeople assume that such questions provide the prospects with an opportunity to say no. But it is unlikely that forcing a prospect to listen to a sales pitch will result in long term success.

The prospect being busy can actually provide a straightforward and ideal opportunity to schedule an appointment some other time. The salesperson must be sure of the exact time and date of the expected meeting with the prospect when making a call. Being too rigid with the timings may result in the prospect saying no. Different time slots must be presented to the prospect so that the one that best suits their schedule can be chosen.

Have a Consistent Audience Profile:

For any successful B2B lead generation campaign having a good database and contact list is imperative. Attitude when making a call is not enough and the right salespersons to fill the sales pipeline are also important. Once the research has been done, businesses must now decide who their potential customers are to sell their product or solution to. The appointment setting campaign may hit a brick wall if precious time is wasted in calling the wrong prospects or if the contact numbers are wrong. There is no point if half of the time is spent in cleaning the contact list. Salespersons can also aim for a particular geographic area or a vertical market where the offered product or service might be in demand.

Do not be Aggressive:

To successfully set an appointment, few classic sales skills may have to be deployed. It is all about consistency and determination. The salespeople should never ramble and must utilize an economy of words while providing introductory benefit statements and while pitching value propositions. This may require applying some pressure on the prospects but too much pressure will make the prospect feel annoyed and uncomfortable. The caller must be courteous to the prospect while diving into the pitch. Some amount of time must be taken to ask few questions so as to demonstrate the interest of the caller to the prospect. The prospect must not be bullied into setting an appointment. A follow-up strategy must always be in place for prospects with busy schedules. Customer stories, persuasive language and facts versus pressure tactics must be utilized for setting a positive sales appointment.

Utilize Multiple Touch Points:

The B2B appointment setting process is methodical, and requires various processes that involve multiple touch points with a particular target prospect. It is critical to know when to follow up politely without annoying the prospects. According to The Marketing Donut, close to 80% of leads require five follow up calls to become a sale after initial meeting but 44% of sales callers give up after just one follow-up call. Appointment setting isn’t always about cold calling. At times it may take upwards of a dozen touches before a prospect may respond. Prospects are always inundated with sales and marketing messages and are busier than ever. To ensure success in appointment setting the salespeople must reach out to the prospects multiple number of times by utilizing multiple touch points. Send emails, leave voicemail’s or write a hand written note while requesting to set a meeting.

Leverage Referrals:

When someone refers a prospect to a particular business enterprise, the trust the prospect has for the referrer gets transferred to the enterprise. This allows the prospects to be more open to speaking with the salespersons. Referrals can be obtained from within the network. When salespeople try to reach out to a business enterprise for the first time, it can be tough to find the decision makers and buyers within the enterprise. Asking for an internal referral is the best way to do this. The key here is to start with persons in higher echelons of the enterprise and work your way down.

Use Dynamic Scripts and Callers:

The golden rule to be followed while carrying out B2B appointments setting is to not sound like a salesperson. A good script is extremely necessary for winning a prospect. A good script will give the salesperson an opportunity to remain on track and highlight all the salient points of the offer. A dynamic script will help in adjusting the call according to the needs and pain points of the prospect as dynamic scripts can handle different call interactions effectively thereby increasing the possibility of a sale. Having an idea about the prospects will be quite helpful in preparing a script. Therefore dynamic callers who have done their research and who know the market well will be able to adapt their conversations according to the prospect’s real status and needs.

B2B appointment setting allows business enterprises to convert prospective clients into permanent ones. This process allows both parties to discuss every point in the most transparent manner possible. At times it can be tough to get past gatekeepers and convince the decision makers to grant an audience. Business enterprises can look to a professional B2B appointment setting and scheduling service provider to generate trustworthy supply of quality leads. Once successful, enterprises must not give up and must continue making cold calls.

Article by
Amy Pattinson

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