5 Reasons to Outsource Medical Data Entry in 2022


Currently, a number of processes are being shifted to an electronic medium, and patient records are one of them. The use of electronic medical records (EMR) has risen rapidly because it provides a thorough and holistic view of the patient’s history of health and treatment in one single place. It makes it convenient for the healthcare provider to browse through, and in case the patient decides to go visit a different doctor, all the records can be easily transferred to them as well. 

This entire process requires a lot of time and effort put in by the healthcare provider. The EMR is a comprehensive list of all of the patient’s records such as:

  • The patient’s chart information
  • The patient’s personal details
  • The patient’s insurance claim details
  • The patient’s treatment history
  • The patient’s past diagnoses
  • The patient’s medical history
  • X-rays and other tests’ information
  • Any transcribed doctor’s notes

Traditionally, doctors would have to manually input each piece of information into the EMR for every patient that they have. The entire process is time-consuming, repetitive, and can lead to errors over time. If they hired professionals to take care of these tasks for them, it would lead up to additional costs such as a bigger office space, physical infrastructure, hardware and software for storage, and more staff under their payroll. It can become quite expensive, especially for those who work individually or have small clinics. Medical data entry outsourcing provides physicians and other healthcare providers the chance to work with professionals who will manage this task for them so that they can focus on providing better healthcare to their patients.

Top Reasons to Outsource Medical Data Entry

Efficiency in Medical Data Entry

Healthcare data entry outsourcing agencies and companies have a trained staff who can tackle a large load of patient information and process it, digitize it, and send it across in record time. They are skilled professionals who get paid and incentivized to manage this role, which is why the entire process becomes a lot quicker and more efficient. Instead of healthcare professionals manually entering all patient information, outsourcing their medical data entry services to a healthcare BPO will help improve the speed, time, and efficiency of the entire process for the service providers. 

Access to Trained Professionals

Filing all patient information and setting up electronic medical records requires a certain amount of skill and training. Completing this process in-house without recruiting new staff for it can leave room for error, which is why it is always best for the physicians to hire professional help to handle these tasks. When they opt for medical data entry outsourcing via a healthcare BPO, they have access to trained professionals who have the right skills to perform these tasks. They do not have to worry about the quality of the records because the staff has been trained to ensure that the medical data entry follows all the guidelines and regulations and meets all industry standards.

Reduced Costs in Terms of Maintenance and Infrastructure

Outsourcing medical data entry services to a healthcare BPO can save healthcare professionals, clinics, and healthcare organizations a lot of investment costs. They do not have to spend more of their income and revenue into recruiting a team that will handle the medical data entry for them. There is no additional infrastructure cost involved either such as office space, computer systems, software and hardware for storage, and more. They do not have to spend on maintenance of these aspects either. All in all, outsourcing these services to a healthcare BPO provides physicians and clinics with a more convenient and cost-effective option.

Improved Accuracy of Medical Records

Again, enlisting the help of trained professionals is always better for the quality of input of information as compared to using untrained staff or doing it yourself. The accuracy of patient information is an extremely important part of providing optimal patient care. A wrong diagnosis, an incorrectly uploaded medical chart, or a wrong prescription or test result can cause the patient to come in harm’s way. It can also lead to the healthcare practitioner suffering from financial losses because they are at risk of getting sued for damages for improper treatment and patient care. 

Maintaining accuracy with all patient medical records is key to avoiding any of these circumstances and focusing on improving patient care. This is why outsourcing it to professionals who have systems in place to confirm the accuracy of the data in the EMR is important. It can protect the doctors and the patients.

Increased Security of Patient Information

The patient trusts the healthcare provider with important personal information such as their social security number, insurance details, and medical history. It has immense value, which is why it needs to be protected from hackers or any cyber attacks. Healthcare data entry outsourcing service providers have the right data privacy and cybersecurity measures in place so that they can protect patient information from data loss or any threats of identity theft. They have the means to get strong firewalls and other virus protection methods to protect all consumer data. It is a lot safer than it would be on a smaller, personal network.

Final Thoughts

When healthcare service providers choose to outsource their medical data entry services, it offers them the convenience of having someone else do all the electronic processing and recording of patient information. They need to find a trusted healthcare BPO such as Invensis who can take charge of all patient information and file it accurately so that the doctors have access to accurate and secure patient medical records and history whenever they need it. 

Times like these, with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, it becomes even more important for healthcare professionals to focus on providing patient care instead of completing manual paperwork. 2022 sees newer variants of the virus emerging and spreading, which means investing in outsourcing medical data entry services is the most feasible option for healthcare organizations. It is a much faster, accurate, and efficient means of handling patient information than doing it in-house, which is why healthcare organizations of all sizes are choosing to outsource their medical data entry today.


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