5 Tips for Faster Product Data Upload in Magento Store

Andrea Martinez
December 2, 2022
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Online shopping has become a household term now and provides a host of benefits as opposed to offline shopping. The vast array of products available online today caters to every type of demographic and is fast becoming the preferred method to shop.

The rise in the number of online shoppers has in turn created a demand for more choices – in price, range of products, customer service, etc. In fact, during the 2013 holiday shopping season, U.S. retailers received approximately half the holiday foot traffic they experienced just three years ago, according to Shopper Trak. This is why we see a surge in online stores, each vying for consumer attention and offering a host of services.

The more the online retail industry grows, the more pressure E-commerce businesses will come under to innovate and add ‘something new to their store. Adding new products to the database can be tedious; which is why getting the help of a product data entry service provider can ease the pain and the strain.

The amount of products sold online is steadily on the rise, which can become a challenge for online stores to manage, as uploading thousands of products manually can be time-consuming and even less productive.

However, if you work on a Magento store platform, there are several tips that you can use to speedily upload a large number of products.

1. Bulk Import:

The Magento Bulk import feature is a boon for online businesses as it allows you to import a large number of products from a single CSV file.  All you need is a basic understanding of the formatting requirements for bulk product uploads by exporting existing products out of Magento into a CSV file.

However, do keep in mind that since some of your products may have multiple variations, the casino online CSV formatting requirements for these products will be different than those without.

2.Bulk Images:

Images are an important part of any product description, and with Magento, you can upload a number of images together in bulk, in one shot, and this procedure is performed via FTP.

Also, you must ensure that images are appropriately tagged and named according to the SKU and or SKU variation of the product they are associated with. You can keep a check on this by browsing the product pages on the Magento store-end.

3.Bulk Features and Categories:

While uploading products, you need to have the end user in mind. How can you make it easier for your customer to quickly and efficiently locate the product they are looking for?

By adding clear, concise features and easily identifiable categories on your product pages, of course. Before you ready yourself for a bulk import, be prepared with a list of all categories and attributes so you can easily associate products with their respective categories.

4.Capping File Size:

Make sure that your servers do not become overloaded to prevent a crash when you need them most. This can be dealt with by limiting file sizes for bulk import to a reasonable number instead of being too adventurous with uploads.

You can do this by working smart and making sets of files with 500 products at the most and uploading them simultaneously. Also, after every upload, do run through your list of products to ensure everything is in top order.

5.Updating Existing Products:

Many times, we need to add information or images to existing products in our store and keep them updated. This too is made possible by Magento’s bulk import feature, via a CSV file.

All you need to do is simply import the SKU field as well as the field that needs to be updated. The changes you make in Magento will reflect on your storefront after refreshing.

The above tips can help you run your product pages seamlessly and make them more user-friendly as well. If, however, you feel this is not your area of expertise, or that you cannot find time to perform these tasks, it is always a good idea to outsource it to competent eCommerce experts. They will bring in their experience and prowess to make your product uploads as efficient as possible.

Article by
Andrea Martinez

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