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Medical coding in healthcare bpo is the technique of displaying diagnostic procedures as universal code numbers. Medical coding enables and facilitates the exchange of healthcare data between healthcare organisations and institutions.

The combination of codes with the data of the healthcare organisation is what makes medical coding distinctive and strong. It's crucial to understand coding technologies since they aid in the connection between structural data analysis and clinical records of a patient.

Invensis, one of the leading medical coding outsourcing companies, has the expertise, dedication and resources to deliver cost-effective medical coding services that adhere to best practices and recognized coding standards.

Related medical coding services include compliance, training, credentialing, working on old unpaid claims and more.

In-Demand Medical Coding Standards across Specialties

ICD: International Classification of Disease

These are diagnostic codes that create a uniform vocabulary for describing the causes of injury, illness and death. This code set was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the late 1940s. It’s been updated several times in the 60-plus years since it’s inception. The number following “ICD” represents which revision of the code is in use.

For example, the code that’s currently in use in the United States is ICD-10-CM.

 CPT: Current Procedural Terminology

Current Procedure Terminology, or CPT, codes, are used to document the majority of the medical procedures performed in a physician’s office. This code set is published and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA). These codes are copyrighted by the AMA and are updated annually.

CPT codes are five-digit numeric codes that are divided into three categories. The first category is used most often, and it is divided into six ranges. These ranges correspond to six major medical fields: Evaluation and Management, Anesthesia, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology and Laboratory, and Medicine.

HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), are a set of codes based on CPT codes. Developed by the CMS (the same organization that developed CPT), and maintained by the AMA, HCPCS codes primarily correspond to services, procedures, and equipment not covered by CPT codes. This includes durable medical equipment, prosthetics, ambulance rides, and certain drugs and medicines.

HCPCS is also the official code set for outpatient hospital care, chemotherapy drugs, Medicaid, and Medicare, among other services. Since HCPCS codes are involved in Medicaid and Medicare, it’s one of the most important codes a medical coder can use.

We have the expertise to translate diagnoses and procedures with different Medical Coding Sets -

  • CPT coding
  • HCPCS coding
  • ICD-10-CM
  • ICD-10-PCS
  • ICD-9
  • Customer Billing
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Inpatient coding
  • Outpatient coding
  • Patient Anatomy Coding
  • Clinical Documentation

We provide medical coding outsourcing services for diverse specialties

  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • radiology
  • pediatrics
  • internal medicine
  • infectious diseases
  • oncology
  • pathology
  • general surgery
  • Gynecology etc.

Our medical coding services cover different healthcare providers such as-

  • Medicare,
  • Medicaid,
  • managed care,
  • workers' compensation,
  • blue products,
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO),
  • indemnity insurers and others.

Common Causes of Missed Charges during Medical Coding

  • Failure to link codes when there is no charge code for a procedure or service
  • Dated, inaccurate charge sheet
  • CDM disparities
  • Absence of documented policies such as - lack of formal processes, daily reconciliation
  • Failure to coordinate with ancillary departments
  • Limited monitoring

Why outsource Medical Coding Services?

Get claims paid with the least amount of resources and at the least amount of cost. Getting claims paid requires a significant amount of time and continual education.

It is im. It's a big investment of resources because every payer has their own rules and nuances. It becomes increasingly challenging for the staff in a busy medical practice to keep up with the daily changes as well as to follow up on unpaid claims.

Invensis reduces your practice's overhead and direct expenses on things like - the cost of continual education, managing coding & billing softwares, employee expenses, etc.

It is imperative to get claims paid with.

Optimize revenue with qualified, experienced coders

Hands on medical coding services can help you improve accuracy with ongoing, periodic, or one-time coding assistance across all medical specialties and care settings for hospitals and physician practices.

Our team of expert certified coders exceed industry standards of excellence and works with multiple billing systems so you can leverage your technology investments.

Our medical coding services address specific coding areas including inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, ambulatory care, surgery centers, and provider-based billing locations.

What makes Invensis the Best Medical Coding Company?

Accuracy in medical coding is of the utmost importance, as any errors or discrepancies could result in a delay of payment and have a negative impact on revenue cycle management. Invensis is an ISO 9001 certified organization and has certified coders to work on your medical coding requirement. Our dedicated quality assurance team will guarantee that the output delivered to your business or forwarded to the insurance provider adheres to the required global standard.

We are an ISO 27001 certified company and have achieved HIPAA compliance. We access patient charts through Virtual Private Network (VPN), or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), to ensure that your information never resides on the Invensis system. By entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all clients prior to initiating medical coding projects, we are able to further guarantee the protection of patient information.

We manage the comprehensive medical coding process for our healthcare clients and can customize any step as per the business requirement. The healthcare documents shared by the physician's office are forwarded to the medical coding outsourcing department to assign CPT and ICD codes. The coded documents are validated by the QA team. We also verify the code entered by the clients. Medical coding is a part of our medical billing outsourcing services or can be utilized as a standalone service.

We offer medical coding services as a portion of, or the entirety of your caseload, compliance reviews for coding, coding for short term periods and backlog coding. We will ramp up our trained professionals and technology as the project requirement for your business evolves.

With our professional coders checking and improving your healthcare documents with respect to medical coding, the chances of denials from the insurance payer will be greatly minimized. The time zone advantage gained by outsourcing to our delivery centers that operate 24x7 will enable your business to accelerate the process of reimbursement.

Our team consists of experienced medical coding specialists who can handle several documents which include transcriptions, chart notes, and superbills.

All this is done while keeping to all the regulations and guidelines set out by AMA and CMS.

Our team consists of experienced medical coding specialists who can handle several documents which include transcriptions, chart notes, and superbills.

All this is done while keeping to all the regulations and guidelines set out by AMA and CMS.

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