How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Quality Assurance

Ronald Davis
August 2, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the globe! This technology attracts huge capital investment and genuine interest from renowned business owners due to its potential benefits. Businesses are lining up to integrate artificial intelligence to simplify operations and reduce costs. AI helps share data efficiently, predict customer behavior, suggest products, detect frauds, target marketing demographics personally, and provide valuable customer service.

If you’re still at the crossroads of AI’s applicability, here are some figures that will shock you: –

  • 63 percent of companies say the burden to minimize costs will compel them to make use of AI.
  • 61 percent of business officials say AI helpsthem identify business opportunities that they would otherwise not notice.

Using artificial intelligence in quality assurance (QA) caters to the unique challenges the department faces. Let’s examine what issues trouble the QA department.

Challenges Every QA Faces

QA is responsible for maintaining high standards of the company’s deliverables. This challenging job involves testing the products or services while keeping the customer’s requirements in mind.

Here are some common problems all QA departments face: –

  • Gathering the Relevant Test Requirements – This challenging task requires the QA department to think like a customer, which can be fickle and can mislead the testing.
  • Choice of Test Cases – Choosing the right criterion involves selecting all the worst-case scenarios, to test the strength and durability of deliverables is difficult to come by.
  • Lack of Expertise with AI – Even though it’s a marvelous tool, AI works well only with clear goals and expert implementation. Since AI is still pretty new, it’s hard to find experts to help businesses prosper.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Here are some advantages of using artificial intelligence in software testing for quality assurance: –

1. Speedy Timelines

AI has significantly improved the testing method by categorizing log files, checking the code, and recognizing mistakes in seconds. Furthermore, AI doesn’t tire out and produces enhanced results. In addition to its inefficiency, AI self-learns, and advances with the evolving code. AI can also sense when a code change is a new element or a bug because of the new change.

2. Well-Researched Build Release

AI helps businesses assess their competitor’s apps to understand the USPs that contributed to their success. With a clear understanding of the market requirements, specific cases addressing those needs can be made to ensure smooth functioning. Adhering to these requirements helps businesses achieve success.

3. Effortless Test Planning

Software QA professionals spend a lot of time preparing test case scenarios before successfully launching the app. New versions and code changes demand a similar rigor from the QA specialists. AI automation tools examine the app through all its screens, produce apt test case scenarios, and save valuable preparation time.

4. Going Beyond the Limits of Manual Testing

Automated testing truly subsides manual testing methodologies. Using automated tools for large teams with 1000 plus employees significantly improves the test results. Its ability to simulate thousands of tests using diverse virtual users fastens the testing process. In addition to those capabilities, your team can communicate via networks to improve testing efficiency. All these advantages lead to an earlier and more effective launch of the product in the market. Around 48 percent of companies recorded a high return of investment from automated testing tools within 6 months of their implementation. We hope you prefer automated testing too.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Here are all the important functions of artificial intelligence in software quality assurance:

  • Builds Test Cases and Finds Bugs

Its perceptive abilities make AI build better test cases by exploring all possible paths. Using powerful combinations and visualization techniques, AI builds superior test cases that cover all test scenarios. The founder of Software Testing Help believes AI can help with 70 percent of the repetitive testing space

  • Finds Developer’s Quirks and Historical Bug Patterns

AI quickly recognizes the typical code writing style of each coder. This analysis helps recognize what common issues the developers face and assists them intuitively to avoid such mistakes. Gradually, AI creates a lot of historical bug patterns for quicker bug detection.

  • Predicts how Customers will React to Release Features

AI’s high-speed analytical processing gathers deeper insights into customer behaviors. These analytics helps assess how the customer is likely to react to the addition of a new feature in the app. These types of predictive analyses help top-level management make better executive decisions.

AI-Driven Test Automation Tools for QA

We hope you’ve understood how important AI tools are for your QA department. Let’s examine the AI tools to get you started with the implementation process.

  • TestCraft

This AI-powered platform automates regression and continuous testing that functions over Selenium. You can also use it to monitor several web applications. This app also saves maintenance time and cost by managing changes in the app. Its interactive drag-and-drop platform runs automated Selenium-based tests on multiple browsers simultaneously. You also need no coding skills to use this app.

  • Functionize

This cloud-based AI tool is ideal for functional, performance, and load testing automation. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, speeds up the creation, diagnosis, and maintenance of test cases. Simply typing in plain English triggers NLP to create test cases for you. It can parallelly process thousands of tests in a few minutes.


This innovative app adds an extra brain to Selenium and Appium. The AI in this app recognizes elements and interfaces dynamically and automatically executes test cases. Its AI is smart enough to detect an element even after it changes without any additional code. Test. AI helps developers launch their apps faster.


Artificial Intelligence is an undeniable reality of the 21st century. Whoever jumps on the AI bandwagon earlier has a huge advantage. However, simply throwing money at AI without considering why you specifically need it can be extremely detrimental. So, we hope you specify your reasons for implementing AI before actually going through with it.

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