5 Points to Consider When Hiring a Web App Development Company

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Web App Development Company

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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Whether you are commencing a new web application development project or revamping an existing application, two essential tasks need to be executed: developing a proper road-map after considering the current circumstances, and an additional forecast of barriers that you may find down the road.  Based on these plans, a business may find that it needs the help of a company with significant experience in web application development. To ensure that the company you select is the one that can guarantee complete support right from conceptualization to design and development and then onto after sales, you will have to look for these below-mentioned attributes.

Attributes to Look for While Hiring a Web App Development Company

1. Business Model, Operations, and Practices:

The first thing to look for when hiring a company for a web application development project is the business model that they follow.  There are many companies who only believe in starting and ending a project, and they would not provide any support or maintenance. If you are seeking support for the web application, it might be better to consider a company that does provide this service. Other aspects of the development company’s business model to consider are:

  • Policies regarding ownership of the final code
  • Type of work done: Custom or Standard
  • Domains served
  • Type of services offered: offshore or in-house

2. Experience:

Experience is the most significant criteria while choosing a company to take the reins of your web application development project. You can judge the experience shown in the portfolio by checking the past applications that they have developed or upgraded. You need to rate the application on the parameters of coding, programming, development, manageability of the code, usability, design and marketing, performance delivered, load balancing capabilities, etc. If you are satisfied with all the aforementioned attributes of the application, you should keep the profile in consideration.

3. Qualification:

Although qualification plays an important role, it is not necessary that the more qualified the development outsourcing company is, the better the results will be. All that should matter is a company’s capability to keep up with the complex programming practice, and the consistency and neatness of code. The biggest advantage behind this is that even if a company could not continue on the project for some reasons, the next one would not find any difficulty in taking forward a project.

4. Coding Standards and Frameworks Followed:

An outsourcing firm that will take up the task of your web application development should have sound knowledge of the programming language and related tools that the software requires. The more structured the framework and the organizational coding system, the better will be the code maintainability. Also, it would lead to efficient utilization of an application’s library, components, and tools.

5. Extent of Services:

If your particular business requirement is for a web application development company that will deliver all the steps of the software development life cycle (SDLC), then all related capabilities should be validated in a potential outsourcing partner.

Why it is Essential to Hire a Professional Web Application Development Company

  • To stay abreast of the latest upgrades
  • To have a competitive edge
  • To ensure smooth performance of a developed application
  • To ensure that proper support is given post-development

Key Questions for a Potential Web Application Development Partner

1. Will proper documentation of the code be provided to allow easy migration?

2. What are the types of comments that will be used while writing a code?

3. What are the coding guidelines and conventions that will be followed?

4. Will the MVC pattern be followed?

5. What are the QA tests that the application will go through?

Outsourcing web application development is a decision that will have a positive impact on your business, in terms of increasing the productivity of your internal IT team and ensuring the process of development is given its due attention.

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