Email Support Services A Stress-Free call for Help

Amy Pattinson
August 2, 2022
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Email Support Services is often referred to as non voice support. Its basically support provided to a customer via email. A customer refers to a manufacturer’s website where an email is mentioned for them to contact for inquiries or support. Non voice support can also be provided in the form of chat support. Major companies are known to outsource email support services to BPO providers. BPO companies have the convenience to avoid confrontation verbally from irate customers which is one major advantage when it comes to outsource email support non voice support.

How Email Support Services work?

  1. Customers refer to the Email address mentioned in the website and sends an email to the manufacturer/company with their concerns.
  2. The Email falls into the Email queue of the Manufacturer’s website and is answered on a first-come-first-serve basis or priority basis.
  3. An agent opens the email, finds the resolution to any complaint or provides the information required by the customer and replies accordingly.
  4. The customer then reads the email and gets back to the same agent or department stating if there are any more concerns.
  5. Depending on the reply, the agent considers the case closed.

Benefits of Email Support Services are

  1. Customer is able to avoid the long wait time on phone calls.
  2. No confusing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus.
  3. You need not explain the whole concern again when you reply or get back to the agent for more help as its mentioned in the previous emails.
  4. The agent gets enough and more time to research and give an accurate reply.
  5. The Accent difficulties for people of different countries do not come in the way. Hence clarity in the email saves a lot of time and patience on both parties

The major difficulties with Email support Services are

  1. The resolution cannot be guaranteed in one exchange of email.
  2. The turnaround time for a reply is 24 hours or more, hence it cant be used as an urgent source for obtaining required help.
  3. For complicated issues which requires a lot of information from both sides, the whole interaction between both parties can go on for weeks and months unlike a few days when it comes to phone calls.

However, if handled by professional email support services providers, the benefits far outshine the difficulties pertaining to handling and resolution of complaints.

Article by
Amy Pattinson

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