Importance of Live Chat Support for eCommerce Business


Benefits of live chat in eCommerce

Ruling the eCommerce sphere is not just about getting the right customers, but also keeping them interested in your store. Today, a large percentage of the urban population shops online, and with the vast variety of options available to shoppers, an online business cannot afford any slip-ups, or the customer will simply go to the competition. Customer service is key to making shoppers feel at ease and creating a helpful shopping environment. It involves using various tools such as phone support and email, and emerging communication channels such as live chat.

Live chat offers a convenient platform for shoppers to chat with a ‘shopping assistant’ or a customer care executive, while they are logged on to your store. According to a March 2015 report by the Aberdeen Group titled ‘Live Chat: The Gift that Keeps on Giving’, online businesses that feature live chat as part of customer communication are seen to enjoy better results – essentially cost reduction, better agent utilization rate, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction – than those that do not. A study by Software Advice showed 56% of respondents aged 18 to 34 prefer live chat to telephone, compared to 27% of respondents aged 35 and above.

With so many signs pointing towards the rise in popularity of live chat, a survey by Idealo in 2014 found that only 14% of UK retailers and 18% of European retailers use this feature on their websites.

What are the benefits of live chat support for e-commerce businesses? A few of them are described below:

Benefits of Live Chart Support for e-Commerce Businesses

  • Convenience for Customers:

    Shopping online is a convenient experience, but if a customer has a query, he or she would prefer to have it resolved in the shortest time possible. Most customers do not wish to wait for an email response or to be put on hold on a call. Thus, live chat comes as the perfect alternative, promising to instantly solve any concerns. It also allows the customer to multi-task, while waiting, if at all.

  • Low Cost:

    Phone expenses can be considerably reduced by incorporating the live chat feature. This is because it helps in lowering average interaction costs, which in turn reduce call center costs. The live chat feature also boosts efficiency by allowing your sales representatives to handle multiple chat windows at a time, eliminating the need for hiring more people.

  • Sales Booster:

    Picture this: a customer walks into an exclusive store, and is given a dedicated assistant to take him or her through the range of products available, along with each and every detail about them. The customer can converse with the assistant and get queries answered then and there, which will increase the likelihood of making a purchase. The same situation happens when a customer types into the live chat box, asking for help or assistance; it is an opportunity to answer all queries and offer guidance about the product or service instantly.  A well-informed customer is a happy customer, who will be able to make a purchase without any hesitation.

  • Better Customer Relations:

    Conversations are always a better alternative to learn about and retain your customers. The more satisfied your customers are, the larger will be the share of your wallet that your business gains, and the more they will refer you to their friends and family. Through the live chat feature, you can foster these long-term relationships by showing that your company truly values your customer’s inputs and happiness.

  • Transcripts for Study:

    Live chat transcripts are a useful way to study and analyze consumer behavior and get insights into their likes and dislikes. They help you to remember what products to suggest to a customer, based on their previous purchases. They will also enable you to understand what is lacking in your business, identify trends in customer pain points, customer opinions, and whether your staff requires any further training.

  • Edge over Competition:  

    Customers who have experienced live chat before, expect to see it on other websites too. After all, shoppers would prefer to spend on a store that has a faster, more efficient customer support system in place, where service reps have meaningful conversations with the customer, and cases are resolved almost immediately, without having to wait. Therefore, you, as a live chat provider will get a preference from customers, over a competitor who does not offer it.

These are the benefits of live chat support. Most eCommerce software packages today include the live chat feature, among other tools and these were the benefits of live chat support for e-Commerce businesses. However, how does one effectively use this tool to their benefit and to create a superior customer experience? These questions are answered below.

How to Leverage Live Chat Feature

  • Incentivise Live Chat:

    If you have recently added the live chat feature on your store, the best way to propagate that is to add incentives on its use, such as free shipping, a minimum value discount, or a special coupon.

  • Avoid Aggression:

    If your strategy is to have pop-up windows every 2 minutes, it will be intrusive and annoying for the customer. One invite to chat is all you need, and the shopper should be able to decline if he/she is not interested. However, make sure your chat button is clearly visible, so the customer can choose to ping you if needed.

  • Awareness and Knowledge:

    A shopper using the live chat feature is looking for a prompt solution to his or her query. The customer care rep should, therefore, be completely aware of the product or service in question, and should not make the customer wait.

  • Great Conversational Skills:

    Ensuring that your customer service representatives know how to build a rapport with a customer is essential. A friendly, informal tone is generally what works best, and if you have a computerized greeting, make sure it does not sound mechanical.

In conclusion, while the importance of conventional methods of customer service cannot be argued with, live chat support and customer service is one feature you should definitely incorporate on your store, to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

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