Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting Services

With the help of accurate financial reports, you can assess your company's financial performance of the past and ongoing financial periods. Invensis, a leader in delivery of top-notch IT-BPO services over the years, understands the importance of accurate financial reporting and the need for precise financial statement preparation.

Our team of experienced and qualified financial analysis and reporting personnel can prepare monthly or periodic financial statements on dates suited to your business' requirement.

Based on the accurate and systematic financial statements and financial report analysis, we can advise you on how to improve cash flow and income.

Through our outsourced financial analysis and reporting services, you can leverage the cost-efficient and professional services we provide to boost your business efficiency.

At Invensis, we are committed to providing our clients with accurate financial statements and reports. We strictly adhere to the various statutes and laws applicable to different geographical locations, and are well-versed in IFRS and US GAAP reporting standards. The Financial Analysis and Reporting team also keeps itself updated on new developments and best practices.

Invensis' outsourced financial statement and reporting services comprises auditing, review and compilation of financial statements. Through our services and insights, you can get a clear picture of the financial status of your business on any particular date and can make educated decisions. By choosing Invensis as a partner, you will also have the time and resources to focus on the core competencies of your business.

A Complete Solution for Financial Analysis and Reporting

Invensis offers you a comprehensive range of Outsourced Financial Analysis and Reporting services:

Revenue Management and Recovery: Invensis' highly-trained accounting professionals proactively identify inaccurate or missing documents and fix issues instantly, which otherwise would result in delayed payments. To accelerate the payment of your business' receivables, we can utilize our outbound call center services. With the help of smooth revenue management and recovery, you can increase your organization's ROI.

General Ledger Accounting: At Invensis, we ensure that all account entries are accurate and this leads to a clean and clear accounting process. The general ledger accounting services offered by us include:

  • Ledger Accounting
  • Processing of Payroll Journals
  • Period-end Closure of Books
  • Processing of Stock Movement and Adjustment Journals
  • Disposal and Depreciation Journal Maintenance
  • Ledger Reconciliations
  • Processing of Lease, Purchase, Loan And Dividend Journals
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Adjustments pertaining to Prepayments and Accruals
  • Complete Details of all Adjustments pertaining to Ledger Journal Entries

Accounts Reconciliation Services: To eliminate the chance of misstatements in financial, accounting and management reports, Invensis makes sure that bank statements comply with internal bookkeeping and accounting records. Our accounts reconciliation services will provide you an accurate understanding about your company's financial standing.

We offer a wide spectrum of account reconciliation services, including:

  • Customized account reconciliation
  • Flexible time period for managing reconciliations
  • Clean report generation
  • Accurate bank reconciliation services and general ledger maintenance
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Balance sheet account reconciliation for clear understanding of assets and liabilities
  • Accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Accounts payable reconciliation
  • Complete check sequencing

Cash Flow Management Services: By preparing projections and conducting budget forecasts, Invensis helps to reduce the gaps between incoming and outgoing cash and also aids your business planning. With the help of accurate, comprehensive data about your financial standing, you will be able to effectively manage the flow of cash within your company.

Benefits of choosing Invensis as your F&A Outsourcing partner

Invensis possesses broad-based experience across a wide range of industry verticals, with expertise of over 20 years to deliver best-in-class finance and accounting outsourcing services.

We strictly adhere to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Your business operations will see an assured cost reduction ranging from 30% to 50%.

Invensis is an ISO 27001 certified company, and we give utmost importance to data security and confidentiality. Your data will be protected and will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances.

You can take advantage of the latest technology and procedures, as we stay up-to-date on all best practices.

Through consistent communication with us, you can be assured of Finance and Accounting BPO Outsourcing Services that are delivered with optimized transparency, flexibility and efficiency.

Customizable services that are in alignment with your strategic goals

Invensis - Your Partner to Achieve Business Transformation

Value-added Consultation - invensis

Value-added Consultation

Having 20+ years of experience and expertise in delivering global outsourcing services, we ensure that our value added consultations provides the right answers to your business challenge.

Business Continuity Planning - invensis

Business Continuity Planning

We have extensive industry knowledge, resources, skilled personnel, systems, plans and processes in place that ensure business continuity even during emergency situations.

End to End Customized Services - invensis

End to End Customized Services

Invensis provides end-to-end customized services across major business functions and industry verticals ensuring on-time fulfilment of tasks.

Scalable and On-Time Delivery - invensis

Scalable and On-Time Delivery

Invensis possesses deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with changing requirements, ensuring the continuity and on-time completion of your project.

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