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Proven Ways To Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivables

Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson
November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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How to Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable?

Before proposing the techniques to boost your company's accounts receivable (AR) and cash flow, it is essential for you first to learn how to assess your AR efficiency. DSO, or days revenue outstanding, is an accounting statistic that measures how long it takes for a transaction to be translated into cash.

Companies track DSO because it impacts significantly on cash flow. A higher DSO, for instance, usually implies that a company is dealing with cash flow. The lower the DSO is, the easier a business turns its profits into currency. DSO is measured weekly, quarterly, or annually.

Why Optimizing Accounts Receivable Matters

As for several business proprietors, you can not see the advantages by proactively improving receivable procedures with your accounts instantly. As described earlier, doing so will make certain facets of your company dramatically better. It does not cause current resources to go to trash, which enhances liquidity. In exchange, a company is best able to minimize debt, cut expenses, finance growth and, where necessary, beat the competition.

Starting the procedure early is a vital aspect of managing the accounts receivable systems. Too many, corporations are so bent on maximizing profits that they regard receivable accounts as a reconsideration. In the initial stages of the client partnership, beginning the process soon means negotiating items like contract terms. Another illustration of taking an active response to the problems is going to get a new client on board with automated payments beginning in the process. Then, before doing something else, commit your industry to create accounts receivables a preference as first as possible in a case.

Tips For Reducing Accounts Receivable

A lot of things investment managers feel they need to be doing. Owing to the worst market situation in decades, many also saw their agencies cut to the bone. Nevertheless, there are some basic and easy-to-use tactics which are sometimes neglected in the rigmarole of everyday activities-tactics and ideas that every credit policy can use to decrease outstanding receivables.

State payment terms On Invoices Clearly

Business owners often have extended lists of contract terms which customers still don't read. While it is a good practice to state your terms and conditions, the terms of payment should be indicated in bold on the front page. If you want a price within a week, then specifically suggest that you wish to it and failure to do so will lead to fines. Through doing this, you place your payment strategy right in front of the buyer, which always pays off and typically leads to a significant reduction in unpaid receivables.

Set a Clear, Cogent Credit Consent Process

Business owners all too frequently fall into negative lending patterns to improve profits. This, of course, points to a revolving loop which can inevitably be devastating for a corporation. Extending credit may be a positive idea, but it has to create a mechanism for doing so. It should provide specific guidance on when and where to determine and circumvent credit purposes, when to position accounts on hold and how to handle the submission. There should be frequent checks of the credit acceptance process, as conditions change.

Automate Your Invoicing

The apparent shortages and costs involved with standard service are reduced by electronic invoicing, but the advantages of using electronic billing are much much more than that. These automated capabilities also tend to reduce the amount of human time spent addressing offending users. Think you can simplify the invoicing using a mechanical (also recognized as e-invoicing) method. In that case, you would minimize human error, quickly bill your clients and monitor your incoming payments and achieve insight in your cash flow — all while giving your payers a straightforward procedure.

Automating the invoicing mechanism also allows regular payment alerts to inform the consumers by email, fax, phone calls and other means of contact about their outstanding invoices. In your AR method, these methods can be designed to generate performance. E.g., you can opt to reach accounts that are the most unpaid days in the first place immediately, making these messages much more impactful to the bottom line.

Be Proactive

When it relates to debt payments, putting a scheme in place is simply not enough. Being diligent means, you have to make sure you obey the procedure correctly. And before that, it is essential to realize that everyone knows the SOP's and is working together to clear unpaid receivables from accounts. If you have a mechanism in place, the creditors should be given a designated channel for making phone calls. When it comes to receiving fees, nothing beats a decent phone call.

Credit evaluations

It is a common idea to review your credit background before providing credit to a potential client to assure they have a record of making payments on time. Also, set specific terms and remind the customers of all the information before any deals are signed. If your DSO is getting worse, and you want to increase performance, try introducing more rigorous credit checks. These strategies will increase your AR's productivity and boost cash flow for your business. The quicker an AR organization can deliver invoices along with impactful payment rewards, various payment options available, friendly electronic payment alerts and consistent terms and conditions; the more meaningful the AR activities will be.


You all don't need to begin from start to develop and refine your receivable accounts as you can see. You can opt to exert on one field at a point, or you can charge ahead with full speed and revamp all at once. Any actions you take to maximize your receivable accounts will repay off lavishly in the long term, either way.

To effectively set up your accounts receivable process, you should consider contacting us at Invensis Technology, where our team of experts can assist you.

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