Freight Bill Audit and Payment Processing Services

The processing of freight invoices is one of the most important, yet difficult aspects of logistics. Organizations that ship products on a regular basis often become overwhelmed with freight invoices and do not possess the capabilities to efficiently complete the task in-house. As a specialist freight audit and payment processing service provider, Invensis is able to seamlessly convert freight invoices into an integrated electronic format. With over a decade of experience, Invensis goes beyond short term solutions and develops insights which provide long term benefits for your organization's supply chain. An ISO 27001 certified business, Invensis has security protocols in place at all levels of the organization to ensure data security.

Invensis has an established process in place for processing freight invoices, which makes this intricate task appear effortless.

To ensure our client's needs are being met and exceeded, we maintain consistent communication throughout the entire process. Invensis offers both pre and post freight bill audit services.

Freight Bill Auditing and Payment Processing Services

Freight Bill Pre Audit Processing

In pre-audit, all calculations and auditing take place before payment is made. This is the preferred method for many organizations, because the likelihood of errors and disagreements arising after the payment is greatly reduced. By assuring the accuracy of invoices prior to payment, no corrections have to be made; this saves a lot of time and effort.

Freight Post Audit Processing

In the hectic business environment, it is often the case that a carrier will require immediate payment for their services. With time being short, audit and calculations must take place after the payment. Invensis is able to perform a rigid audit following the payment and thoroughly scrutinize all aspects of the invoice. We identify any discrepancies in regards to classification, tariffs and discounts and ensure the invoices are free of miscalculations or inaccuracies.

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