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Are you struggling to improve the operational efficiency of your supply chain business? Our Supply Chain & Logistic BPO Services are tailored to enhance overall logistics performance. From order processing to inventory management we help you drive efficiency.

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BPO Services for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Outsource Supply Chain BPO Services to the Expert

With 22 years of industry experience, we are a trusted supply chain business process outsourcing services provider. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the industry, and we use this knowledge to provide customized solutions that help companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive growth. We are a team of professionals skilled in efficient and reliable supply chain management, strong communication and customer service skills, data analysis and management, logistics industry expertise and experience, and strong data security measures.

As a leading Supply Chain BPO vendor, our services include transportation management, warehousing, order fulfillment, inventory management, procurement, and planning and scheduling. Our goal is to help companies streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. Every company is unique, so we take a customized approach to logistics back office services. First, our team will work closely with you to understand your business needs and develop a solution that meets those needs. We'll then implement the solution, train employees, and monitor performance to ensure that the solution is delivering the desired results.

Our Comprehensive Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing Services

Road Freight Logistics

We encompass all the supporting services required to successfully transport goods via road, such as loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, storage, documentation, customs clearance, and more.

Ocean Shipping

We offer various ocean shipping operational tasks such as terminal handling, cargo insurance, documentation, customs clearance, and customer service to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide access to specialized expertise and technology.

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Air Freight Logistics

Our Air Freight Logistics BPO services offer comprehensive support for air cargo operations, including shipment planning, flight scheduling, customs clearance, and delivery coordination, to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of air freight logistics.

Railway Logistics

Our services provide streamlined and cost-effective support for rail transport operations, including scheduling, cargo tracking, invoicing, and customer service. We use advanced technology and experienced professionals to optimize rail logistics to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Logistics Data Entry

We offer accurate and efficient data management for logistics operations, including inputting, verifying, and updating shipping, receiving, and inventory records. We aim to streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve data accuracy to enhance logistics performance.

The Invensis Advantage

Access to Expertise
Our supply chain BPO services provide access to expertise by partnering with experienced professionals and utilizing their knowledge, technology, and infrastructure.
Focus on core operations
We help businesses focus on core operations by taking over the management of the movement of goods, freeing up time and resources.
Enhanced Customer Service
Our services provide specialized expertise leading to enhanced customer support through faster issue resolution, increased accuracy, availability, and improved communication.
Comply with regulatory requirements
Our supply chain BPO services help businesses comply with regulatory requirements by partnering with experienced professionals with the knowledge and resources to manage compliance.
Use Multiple Transportation Services
We assess your company's transportation needs and use a combination of air, sea, and ground services to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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Invensis - The Most Trusted Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing Company

As an experienced supply chain business process outsourcing company, we offer outsourcing services to businesses looking to streamline their operations. Since 2000, we have delivered our services to logistics consulting, warehouses, delivery services, transportation consultants, etc. Our team of experts specializes in managing the movement of goods, ensuring timely delivery, and reducing costs. You can achieve efficient and reliable supply chain management with our custom solutions, attention to detail and accuracy, and proficiency in insurance software and technologies. We have the expertise and resources to handle everything from transportation to warehousing and inventory management. Outsourcing BPO services for logistics to us allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while we handle the rest. We have clients from the US, UK, and Canada.


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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
ISO  27001:2013 Certified Company

What Our Customers Say

We are super impressed with Invensis for many reasons. One major issue that confronted us was tracking air freight logistics. Our inability to do so led to delays. Invensis brought in their expertise to make tracking more systematic and easy.

David Taylor
Supply Chain Manager, UK Based Logistics company

We highly recommend Invensis logistics and supply chain services. We grappled with a massive backlog of logistics data entry and it hit us with massive errors and delays. Invensis helped us clear the data entry backlogs and enhance process accuracy. enhanced accuracy. Their expertise and dedication have been a game-changer for us.

Robert Wilson
Logistics Manager, A Canada Based Logistics Company

We are thrilled to endorse the exceptional support received from Invensis. We faced formidable challenges in our ocean shipping operation, including cargo tracking. When we turned to Invensis, they helped us discover a solution to our problems by building a custom workflow that spotted a cargo at every stage of its transit. Any miss at any stage was marked by an immediate alert to set authorities on a hunt.

Michael Anderson
Operation Director, US Based Logistics & Supply Chain Services
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