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Invensis, a global provider of cost-effective and highly accurate data entry services, provides a wide variety of data entry services such as online-offline data entry, image data entry, product data entry, forms processing, document conversion and digitization. We have been successfully delivering data entry services to many satisfied clients, throughout the world, over the past 20 years.

As part of our services, we accept client data in a wide range of input formats. We are able to deliver the output in a desired format of your choice. Some of the formats we accept for data entry purposes include .html, .xml, .doc, .tiff, .xls, .pdb, .txt, as well as handwritten documents, printed and typewritten documents, image files and hard copies of documents. We can convert the data into the format of your choice such as document, spreadsheet, text, access, pdf, and html or other digital formats and deliver accordingly. We also carry out interconversion of data from one form to another, such as html to pdf conversions.

We have reliable, experienced, and competent data entry staff who executes these processes, with maximal efficiency and minimal errors. They are familiar with the different data formats and the different aspects of data entry processing and conversion so that they can achieve the desired result quickly and competently, within the specific time. They can also work on large volumes of data and convert them effortlessly. They can ensure that the output is delivered in the desired or proprietary formats. We also facilitate secure avenues of delivering the final data output to you.

We adhere to the best practices and maintain high standards of data entry in line with the specifications of the ISO 9001:2008 certification. We will also ensure that the final product is delivered to you as per your specification.

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