Data Entry Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • To cut down on cost, time, and effort, enterprises worldwide are looking at outsourcing their data entry services to an offshore location. As your outsourcing vendor works in a different time zone, it helps your business to provide 24/7 service. However, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of data entry outsourcing first. With a proper understanding of the outsourcing process, where you assess the pros and cons of data entry outsourcing, you will decide whether it is the right option for your business.



Advantages of Data Entry Outsourcing

You Can Focus on core business activities:

By outsourcing your non-core business activities, you will be able to save the time and effort required for monotonous back-office tasks. This will help you to focus on core business activities with greater commitment.

Minimize costs:

Outsourcing data entry services to an offshore location will reduce over 40% of your operational costs. Moreover, you will be able to offer your solutions to your clients at competitive rates.

Reduce overhead expenses:

By outsourcing back-office work, you will be able to cut down on overhead expenses in the form of additional staff, infrastructure, salaries, compensations, and more for your in-house data processing staff.

Reduce risks:

When you outsource data entry services, you are entrusting your back office work to the experts in the domain. This gets the job done efficiently and minimizes the risk of errors.

Reduce workload and enhance productivity:

Outsourcing data entry services to an outsourcing partner will reduce the workload for your staff and increase their efficiency and allow you to optimize your resource allocation.

Disadvantages of Data Entry Outsourcing

Exposing confidential data:

When major data entry services such as HR, recruitment, accounts and finance, payroll processing, and claims processing are outsourced, you risk exposing confidential information to a third party.

Solution: Ensure your outsourcing vendor has a strict security policy in place such that there will be no leakage of information.

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Inadequate focus:

An outsourcing vendor might be working with various clients and providing expertise in their data entry services work and might not provide their complete focus on your organization's tasks.

Solution: Make sure you have set quality standards for your data entry services work before signing off with an outsourcing vendor.

Cultural difference:

The main issue with many outsourced projects is - not understanding the culture of the outsourcing provider and the location. This leads to poor communication channels and lowers productivity regularly.

Solution: Choose an outsourcing vendor who has a great reputation in the market with multiple contact centers and work with them on a trial period before signing up with them for the long term.

Inconsistent quality outputs:

Some of the common problems that arise with an outsourcing partner are inconsistent quality outputs, delay in deliverables, authorizing inappropriate responsibilities, and more.

Solution: Emphasize timeframes and quality standards initially and work with them for a trial period and then make an informed decision.

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