Step-by-Step Process of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Step-by-Step Process of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Today, outsourcing services is one of the important components of strategic business initiative for enterprises across the globe. The market is so competitive that it is all about having greater ROI and increasing the bottom line. But many enterprises hesitate to outsource because of security issues, and it is understandable, as handling sensitive and confidential information outside your organization can be a nightmare.

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step process of outsourcing your data entry services to a company where you will entrust your valuable information.

  • Carefully shortlist outsourcing vendors:

    After you have decided to outsource your non-core work to an offshore location, the first step is to carefully create a shortlist of outsourcing vendors. Choose an organization which shares similar firm security policy in place. They must have strict rules in their organization to protect your confidential data. Check whether the outsourcing vendor has privacy policy in accordance to the cyber security laws. To avoid confusions in the later stages it is better to thoroughly go through their privacy policies before signing off.

  • Look for an experienced vendor:

    Choose a vendor who has good experience in providing data entry services. Do not always look for the cheap option, as outsourcing vendors who bid low, cut a few corners which affects quality, reliability and scalability. If your deal does not profit the vendor, then they might extract profits in a manner which you may not approve of. Remember, you have to create a win-win situation for both buyer and vendor from this deal.

  • Request for customer references:

    Ask for previous customer references in the form of testimonials, awards and recognitions, appreciation letters etc. In fact you can connect with those who have worked with them and check how was their working experience with your shortlisted outsourcing vendors.

  • Robust SLA's:

    Any outsourcing deal to go through requires some meaningful and robust Service Level Agreements (SLA's) which is directly proportional to the outsourcing vendor's performance that creates positive business impact to the company.

  • Flexible pricing options:

    Do not enter into an outsourcing deal which has rigid pricing options. Ask for flexible pricing options in the form of pay per transaction, per hour basis and dedicated resources. In fact all the terms of the deal, including price (which can be subject to appropriate renegotiation terms) should remain the same.

  • Location of the vendor:

    When you are looking for an outsourcing vendor, your main priority should be the location. Get the time zone advantage, where you can ensure your can provide 24/7 business services. Also do a thorough check on the location in the form of: whether the location is prone to natural calamities; is there a civil unrest; does the country have good governance etc. Even if your outsourcing location is as safe as a haven, check for their disaster recovery plan. How will they be able to provide you business continuity in the face of a natural disaster?

  • Infrastructure:

    Check on your outsourcing vendor's infrastructure. When you decide on outsourcing your data entry services to an offshore location where confidential company information will be shared with a third party, ensure they have a robust security policy in place. Make sure your vendor provides the necessary infrastructure to keep your data secure and devoid of vulnerabilities.

  • Usage of technology:

    Check on what kind of technology is being used to manage your data. Are they using the latest technology to automate data entry services in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)? It is very important that your outsourcing vendor implements latest technologies and best practices to process your data.

  • Compare costs and check for Hidden costs:

    When you are outsourcing your back-office work to an offshore location, compare costs with several outsourcing vendors and work with them for a trial period. Look for experienced outsourcing vendors who have earned their reputation by providing quality services. Also look for hidden costs in your agreement. So read those contract agreements carefully and don't take anything for granted.

  • Work with them on a trial period:

    Before making your outsourcing deal a permanent, work with them for a trial period and make sure it is mentioned in the agreement as well. This activity will help you in the assessment of the team that is handling your project. If you find the results unsatisfactory, then you will be under no obligation to go ahead with your agreement with the vendor.

  • Proper reporting structure:

    Examine whether your outsourcing vendor has proper reporting structure and open communication channels between key personnel. Check the vertical and horizontal aspects of reporting structure to understand relationships among employees and their departments. This reporting structure framework will establish which key personnel are in charge of which task.

    Companies in the beginning of the project should ensure that as many resources who are involved in the process are designated as 'Key Personnel'. Companies should have more say with regards to interviewing, cite unhappiness and even discontinue key personnel services if necessary, you have to limit your vendor's ability to replace them at their will. This in turn will help you to gain more control over the quality of the labor assets assigned to your process.

  • Scalability:

    Check whether your outsourcing vendor is able to scale up your process when required. When you are expanding your services, even your outsourcing vendor should be able to provide you the necessary infrastructure for growth. Work with vendors who can easily scale up the process as and when needed.

  • Ask for high data accuracy and quality standards:

    Ensure your outsourcing vendor provides high data accuracy standards. Many outsourcing vendors have pretty low data accuracy standards just because they want to achieve their data entry accuracy goals. So look for an outsourcing vendor who provides data entry accuracy on a consistent basis at a higher rate. ISO 9001

  • Internet bandwidth:

    There are many emerging markets that provide business process outsourcing services. Before entering into a deal, check for the internet bandwidth in that particular offshore location. See whether you are able to upload and download the data at a faster pace. Check whether the data migration from your company to an offshore location is a seamless process. As locations with lower internet bandwidth struggle to get the work done in a timely manner and deliverables and processes suffer due to this.

  • Visit the premises:

    The last step before you outsource your data entry services is to go visit the premises where your process will be handled. Check whether the outsourcing vendor is providing you the services that they have promised. Visiting the premises will give you a clear picture of the outsourcing vendor with regards to location, infrastructure, and processes in place. This in turn will help you to take an informed decision and finalize the deal to outsource your data entry work to an offshore location.

Outsourcing your back office work to an offshore location has its many advantages. But, before you enter into a deal, make sure you have ticked all the check boxes which have been mentioned above. Outsourcing is a key business initiative for enterprises across the globe and on few occasions you have to get it right on the first time.

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