Top Countries For Outsourcing in 2024
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Top Countries For Outsourcing in 2024

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
June 6, 2024
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June 6, 2024


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Countries set themselves apart as prime outsourcing destinations by leveraging a distinctive amalgamation of economic, educational, technological, and infrastructural assets. Economically, they offer cost-effective labor, reducing operational expenses for businesses. Educationally, they cultivate a skilled and educated workforce, often specializing in IT and engineering. Technologically, they boast advanced infrastructure and innovation hubs, facilitating seamless collaboration and task execution. Infrastructurally, they ensure reliable connectivity and logistical support, which is crucial for efficient operations. All the preferred outsourcing destinations in the world offer a blend of talent, technology, and infrastructure that businesses can leverage to their full advantage and derive optimal benefits. 

Yet each country distinguishes itself through a unique blend of factors that make it appealing to outsourcing businesses. India's vast pool of IT professionals, the Philippines' cultural affinity with Western markets, Poland's multilingual workforce, and Mexico's proximity to the United States highlight diverse strengths tailored to meet specific outsourcing requirements. Thus, understanding the top countries for outsourcing provides valuable insights into global business trends and the dynamics that drive the outsourcing industry, highlighting why these nations are preferred business choices.

In this blog, we'll explore the top countries for outsourcing in 2024, considering the above factors.

Top Outsourcing Destinations Across Regions (APAC, MEA, and LATAM)


The APAC (Asia-Pacific) region encompasses East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. It is known for its significant economic growth, diverse cultures, and strategic importance in global trade and commerce. Due to its large and skilled workforce, cost advantages, and robust infrastructure, it is a key player in various industries, including outsourcing.

The APAC region is home to some of the best countries to outsource, with India, the Philippines, and China ruling the map. These countries excel in outsourcing due to cost-effective labor, a highly skilled, English-speaking workforce, robust technological infrastructure, and government support. These factors and favorable time zones make APAC a hub of some of the best outsourcing countries for IT, BPO, and customer support services.

A Grand View research report predicted that the APAC BPO market size will grow at a CAGR or over 10% through 2030.

APAC Outsourcing Selection Criteria
Image 1 - APAC Outsourcing Selection Criteria


Located in Southern Asia, India is an outsourcing destination that businesses across every industry vertical have tapped into. The country’s outsourcing journey began as early as 1985, with Texas Instruments opening the shutter of its office in Bengaluru. Motivated by the reported substantial operational and financial gains of Texas Instruments, multiple airlines and technology enterprises followed suit in the 1990s, opening their global capability centers (GCC) in the country. Today, India is home to over 1600 GCCs catering to diverse industries. Favorable government policies and the talent pool have convinced tech giants like Apple to diversify their manufacturing hubs and include India in their priority list along with China.

A recent PwC perspective report stated that India will house over 1900 GCCs with a USD 60 bn outsourcing market valuation by 2025.

Popular as one of the top outsourcing countries, India boasts the world's largest higher education system, fostering a rich talent pool of qualified professionals. Leveraging an offshore team in India can be a strategic move for companies embarking on outsourcing. India provides the widest array of services (IT, BPO, KPO, R&D, Engineering services, etc.) and is one of the most mature service providers.

India_ A Top Outsourcing Hub
Image 2 - India A Top Outsourcing Hub
Top 5 Indian Cities to Outsource
Image 3 - Top 5 Indian Cities to Outsource


The Philippines, a recognized leader in the BPO industry, offers a compelling value proposition for companies seeking customer service, call center operations, and virtual assistance solutions. This strong position stems from several factors. These factors include a highly educated workforce with exceptional English proficiency, cultural compatibility with Western businesses, and a reputation for delivering empathetic customer service. The government actively addresses infrastructure challenges through ongoing investments and supportive policies. Furthermore, the BPO sector in the Philippines is demonstrating agility by expanding its offerings beyond traditional services to encompass digital marketing and IT support. This adaptation is facilitated by a robust education system that equips graduates with the skills required to meet the evolving demands of the global market. All these factors favor The Philippines’ position among the best countries for outsourcing.

The Philippines' Outsourcing Edge
Image 4 - The Philippines' Outsourcing Edge
Factors Driving Outsourcing in The Philippines
Image 5 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in The Philippines


With manufacturing and technology as its prowess, China continues to be an outsourcing behemoth, drawing investments from leading tech conglomerates into the country. Driven by its extensive talent pool and vast skill sets, China offers unparalleled capabilities for businesses seeking efficient and reliable production solutions.

Furthermore, China's technological advancement and substantial investments in infrastructure have significantly enhanced its attractiveness as an outsourcing destination. Major cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai have emerged as key outsourcing hubs. These cities boast state-of-the-art facilities and a business environment that fosters success for both domestic and international companies. These factors have pushed China to the list of top countries for outsourcing.

Why Outsource to China
Image 6 - Why Outsource to China
Factors Driving Outsourcing in China
Image 7 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in China


The Middle East and North Africa (MEA) region attracts significant interest from multinational corporations (MNCs) looking to outsource. This is due in part to the region's growing economic power, with a substantial portion of UK publicly traded companies' (PLC) earnings stemming from the region. The robust GDP growth within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries further incentivizes businesses seeking expansion opportunities. 

Beyond its economic strength, the MEA region presents a diverse landscape of business outsourcing opportunities. The prospects and the tangible results generated by third-party service providers laid the foundation for the stronghold of outsourcing in the MEA regions. A Dubai Outsource City (DOC) survey quotes the presence of more than 50 third-party service providers, along with over 150 shared service centers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) alone. Characterized by diverse nationalities speaking multiple languages and cultures, the outsourcing players across the region are in a position to provide efficient service through multilingual support for a wide range of industries.

MEA is home to some of the most popular outsourcing countries, such as the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Technology advancements, a wide talent pool, an English-speaking workforce, and robust government support power these countries. These factors are shaping MEA into one of the top outsourcing destinations for services like IT, customer support, and KPO.

The recent Data Bridge research report predicted that the MEA business process outsourcing (BPO) market will grow at a CAGR of over 7% through 2030.

MEA Outsourcing Selection Criteria
Image 8 - MEA Outsourcing Selection Criteria


UAE has fast transitioned from a nation boasting oil wealth to a global hub of top-notch outsourcing services. The region has piqued the interest of enterprises across the world because of its economic prowess, boundless business opportunities, and steadfast government support, which are critical factors essential for businesses to thrive in a foreign land. All these factors promote UAE's popularity as among the biggest outsourcing countries.

UAE_ An Outsourcing Hotspot
Image 9 - UAE An Outsourcing Hotspot
Image 10 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in UAE


Egypt's large, educated, multilingual workforce (approximately 250,000 FTEs) positions it as a key player in the MEA region's outsourcing sector. This talent pool offers business support in over 20 languages for voice and non-voice business process services (BPS). Additionally, Egypt is expanding its offerings to include IT and technology solutions, as evidenced by Luxoft's recent establishment in New Cairo. The country's time zone alignment with Israel makes it a strategic satellite hub for companies seeking diversification within the MEA region. This, coupled with strong US-Egypt military ties, positions Egypt as a potential ally-shoring destination for American companies.

Egypt's Outsourcing Advantages
Image 11 - Egypt's Outsourcing Advantages

Factors Driving Outsourcing in Egypt
Image 12 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in Egypt

Saudi Arabia

With its megacities and ambitious infrastructure projects, Saudi Arabia is positioning itself as a strategic outsourcing location. The nation's recent advancements in technology and its growing pool of skilled professionals proficient in software development and maintenance underscore this potential. The government's Vision 2030 plan, aimed at diversifying the economy and increasing high-skilled jobs, has been instrumental in propelling Saudi Arabia onto the global outsourcing map. All these factors make Saudi Arabia synonymous with being one of the best countries to outsource business operations.

Saudi Arabia's Outsourcing Potential
Image 13 - Saudi Arabia's Outsourcing Potential
Factors Driving Outsourcing in Saudi Arabia
Image 14 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in Saudi Arabia


Latin America (LATAM) is rapidly establishing itself as a global center for technological innovation. The region boasts a highly skilled IT workforce, with some experts even suggesting their capabilities rival Silicon Valley. This talent pool is attracting many US companies seeking nearshoring partners.  Nearshoring to LATAM offers several advantages, particularly during periods of digital transformation. The region's proximity to the United States ensures greater convenience and flexibility in collaboration for outsourcing businesses. Additionally, LATAM presents a cost-effective solution with competitive hourly rates for IT professionals whose skills and experience are aligned with US market needs. 

Cultural affinity and strong English and Spanish language skills facilitate seamless communication. Additionally, many countries in the region have stable political and economic environments supported by investment in infrastructure and favorable business policies. All these factors make Latin America home to the top countries for outsourcing.

Countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina are characterized by a blend of proximity, skilled talent, low labor costs, cultural compatibility, and a stable environment, making Latin America an ideal outsourcing destination for companies looking to diversify their operations and drive business growth.

A recent Statista report stated that the IT outsourcing market in Latin America is poised to witness a revenue growth of over USD 9bn in 2024.

LATAM Outsourcing Selection Criteria
Image 15 - LATAM Outsourcing Selection Criteria


Mexico’s outsourcing history started with providing first-level manufacturing services to US enterprises in the 1980s. The country diversified its outsourcing capability in the automotive and electronic sectors, inviting foreign investments in the 1990s. Considered a high-value nearshore ally of the US, Mexico provides engineering, R&D, and software development services.  The country has had a fast-moving growth trajectory from basic call center services to key business processes like finance and accounting, human resources, etc. This is partly due to its well-developed infrastructure and strong talent pools concentrated in major metropolitan areas like Guadalajara and Monterrey. Additionally, Mexico offers attractive cost structures and benefits from cultural proximity and ease of coordination with the United States.

Mexico's Outsourcing Potential
Image 16 - Mexico's Outsourcing Potential
Factors Driving Outsourcing in Mexico
Image 17 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in Mexico


Supportive government regulations, robust infrastructure, and competitive labor costs drive Brazil as an emerging outsourcing destination. The implementation of clear outsourcing regulations in 2017 significantly enhanced this LATAM country's value proposition. These regulations provide companies with greater flexibility, allowing them to leverage the expertise of outsourced professionals for a wider range of activities. This, in turn, empowers businesses to optimize operations and help resources focus more on core activities.

Brazil's Outsourcing Edge
Image 18 - Brazil's Outsourcing Edge
Factors Driving Outsourcing in Brazil
Image 19 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in Brazil


Argentina has emerged as a prominent outsourcing destination in Latin America, attracting companies seeking a skilled and cost-effective workforce. The country's strong education system fosters a highly skilled workforce, particularly in engineering, law, and business. This talent pool across industries offers businesses access to qualified professionals for back-office operations, including engineers, legal specialists, and business development experts.  Leveraging these professionals allows global businesses to streamline internal processes, strengthen brand awareness, and expand market reach. This, combined with Argentina's well-developed infrastructure and competitive labor rates, positions it as a compelling location for outsourcing business operations.

Why Outsource to Argentina
Image 20 - Why Outsource to Argentina

Factors Driving Outsourcing in Argentina
Image 21 - Factors Driving Outsourcing in Argentina


The continued expansion of outsourcing is inevitable, with new destinations poised to become key players. Advancements in global internet infrastructure and digital connectivity will enable even the most remote locations to participate in the global outsourcing market. This growth will enhance service quality and innovation worldwide, contributing to business growth and resilience. Moreover, the inclusion of new destinations will mitigate risks associated with geopolitical instability, economic fluctuations, and labor market saturation. By tapping into a broader range of markets, businesses will not only foster economic growth and development but also create job opportunities, thereby promoting global economic well-being and encouraging the development of global markets.

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