10 Tips to Maximize the Potential of In-House Contact Center

Tips to Maximize the Potential of Your In-House Contact Center
Tips to Maximize the Potential of Your In-House Contact Center

A professional customer service hub is a prerequisite for delivering an excellent customer experience. A contact center for the business offers a variety of feature-rich services to customers, while simultaneously decreasing cost and enabling savings on bottom-line demands. Irrespective of the size of the customer service team, it is integral to the business.

For small businesses, the customer service executive takes up ancillary tasks of taking orders, recording customer feedback and enabling the already limited employees to concentrate on the core business. For large enterprises, the contact center can be a separate department, helping in distribution and streamlining of work by directing customer communication to respective departments.

A few steps that can easily enable your business to maximize the potential of your in-house contact center are described below.

Maximize the Potential of Your Business’ Contact Center through These 10 Steps 

  1. First Call / Contact Resolution:

    One of the key steps towards ensuring customer delight is providing complete resolution in the first call or contact itself. This should be targeted not just in voice calls, but across multiple channels. First Contact Resolution (FCR) is possible only when measures,such as using best available expertise, employing a monitoring system and integration of information database, are deployed. Follow up calls require agents, time and resources and increase costs, and hence, FCR should be preferred even if it means longer talk time averages.

  1. Provide Multi-Channel Choices:

    A customer should have the option of choosing the channel of communication of his or her preference or convenience. The business should be able to deliver service satisfactorily and consistently, irrespective of whether the contact has been made through email, voice, chat, video or text. Moreover, the history of the customer interaction across channels should be made available to agents.

  1. Observe Compliance Standards:

    Customer service should observe strict compliance to industry standards. Using available commercial technologies to record calls, maintain transcripts, and store emails, one can ensure legal compliance. Further, this practice also makes the auditing process easier and reduces the potential for abuse or mistakes.

  1. Maintain Service Levels:

    Excellent customer service facilitates the process of building customer loyalty, and to that end, the service level of the division must be consistent. The service standards should take into consideration not only quality of service, but also time taken to deliver such standards.Service standards tend to go down as the volume of communication increases. Hence, maintaining interaction quality and workflow systems irrespective of the volume of communication are imperative.

  1. Predict Problems and Have Solutions Ready:

    The reports generated using contact center technology and metrics, andthe knowledge base resource for agents should not only be used during active calls, but also to predict problems and provide solutions. Providing FAQs to the customers and establishing standard operating procedures for problem escalation must be a part of the customer service strategy.

  1. Boost Productivity through Technology:

    The productivity of the business’ contact center can be increased by empowering customer service employees with technology. The latest contact center software applications and devices can be used to automate incoming communication, centralize outbound communication, integrate CRM systems with the information database, and generate and analyze reports.

  1. Scale with Demand:

    A business’ customer service center is bound to fail if it does not grow with the rest of the organization. As the number of customers increases and interaction volumes rise, customer service also needs to be upgraded. For this, it is essential that technology, human resources and infrastructure are procured with scalability in mind. Additionally, providing after-hours support also becomes important for some businesses. 

  1. Use Best Expertise Available:

    It is important that a contact center is able to leverage expertise from across your enterprise. To achieve this, it is necessary that the service agent can connect with relevant experts, and conference them in. 

  1. Make a Decision Matrix:

    The service agent taking decisions should be aided by both real-time data and historical data. No decision should be taken without a credible base of relevant information. It is advisable to create a decision matrix composed of generated real time data, relevant cases in the past and decisions taken, and the customer’s historical background. This matrix would enable the agent to avoid solutions that have been rejected by the customer in past. 

  1. Have a Monitoring System:

    It is helpful if a system for alerts on critical parameters is in place. Knowledge of real-time performance levels enables your business to make immediate adjustments in case contact volume suddenly peaks or certain parameters are at critical levels. Further, it also provides insight into the weaknesses and strengths of the team.

In this digital age of fast-paced communication, every business needs to focus on customer service to ensure the sustainability and profitability of its operations. The contact center, thus, has to be built keeping in mind present requirement and future expectations. Instead of delivering this operation internally, several organizations have found outsourcing to a professional contact center company to be the solution to their customer service objectives.

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