Challenges of Running an In-House Contact Center

Challenges of running an in-house Contact Center
Challenges of running an in-house Contact Center

A call center is no longer about only answering customer queries. It now plays a pivotal role in each and every aspect of customer purchase behaviour and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – from targeting potential customers to acquiring and servicing them. It, thus, becomes an essential arm of an organization.

However, businesses are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to choosing between an in-house call center and an outsourced one. While arguments have been made that an in-house call center helps in better brand establishment as it negates any third-party involvement, many take the opposite position to state that an in-house call center amounts to increased responsibility for the management, which results in loss of focus and eventually brand dilution.

Below is a snap shot of some of the top challenges of running an in-house contact center:

1. Providing Multi-Channel Customer Service:

It is been recognized that the way customers interact with brands has changed over the last few years. It is no longer about phone calls or emails, but also about seeking online support through web chat and social media. Thus, a shift towards omni-channel services as well as ensuring consistency and responsiveness across channels is required. Maintaining the quality of service across various platforms is a challenge.

2. Ensuring Technology Matches Business Requirements:

Customer behaviour is ever-evolving and it is imperative to match expectations by employing the right technology. From predictive dialler to automatic call distribution to text analytics and session initiation protocol, the market is flooded with a plethora of option to choose from. An in-house contact center would require additional investment to stay abreast with the latest technologies.

3. Deriving Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Since the cost of hiring staff and maintaining the infrastructure of an in-house call center is considerable, there is limited budget left for any enhancement of the center. Talent, technology and physical infrastructure require maintenance and upgradation on an ongoing basis for the in-house contact center to deliver its objectives.

4. Upgrading Agent Skill-sets:

To maintain the momentum of business, it is important to ensure that the agents are properly trained in terms of skill and knowledge. As a result, management has to invest a lot of time and money in proper training of the contact center team. However, with high attrition rate of the industry, businesses often lose talented, trained resources – directly impacting the business’ bottom line.

5. Scalability:

It is difficult to ramp up an in-house contact center on demand, especially when there is a spike in business volume. Several businesses have seasonal demand, sales, holiday promotions and so on. During these periods, the load on the in-house contact center will be sizable and the management has to take great care of technology uptime and agent productivity. It is also possible that additional investment will be required for recruitment of more resources, which could put a strain on the budget. Scalability of the contact center also comes into the picture for businesses that are on the fast-track to expansion, be it for offering customer service beyond business hours or venturing into markets that are in another time zone.

Given these aforementioned challenges, outsourcing of call centers has become a preferred choice for many businesses. With shift of business perception from being restricted only to production to focusing on post-purchase experience as well, delivering a consistent and quality customer experience is paramount for business success. According to the Deloitte ‘2013 Global Contact Center Survey Results’1, 62% of the respondents believed that customer experience provided through contact centers is a competitive differentiator. An outsourced call center, in this scenario, is a great enabler in achieving this business goal.


1. The Deloitte ‘2013 Global Contact Center Survey Results’ research can be downloaded here

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