How an Inbound Call Center can be Used for Sales Exclusively


Inbound call center services have increased significantly over the years. Companies, these days, have a helpline for almost every product or service they provide. The whole concept of attending calls is usually for customer service or technical related queries. However, nowadays, with the growth of the call center industry and outsourcing inbound call center to countries like India and Philippines has turned out to be a critical part of any company, there being dedicated inbound queues exclusively for sales. When it comes to selling, most companies have adopted the telemarketing concept which is outbound agents calling up customers and selling their products. However, leveraging the inbound call center for sales purposes is turning out to be more profitable for companies.

Inbound Call Center
                                 How an Inbound Call Center can be Used for Sales Exclusively

Often when customers call the customer service helpline or the technical queue to buy a product, they are informed that a sales agent will get back to them. The waiting period from when the call ends till the time the customer receives the call from the sales agent might create an adverse effect on closing the deal. Often customers have to wait for hours or maybe even a day to receive a call from the sales agent. This provokes the customer to find other alternatives for purchasing the product. Such a scenario happens quite often for many companies.

So how does a company overcome such scenarios and make maximum use of their sales agents?

  • Assign a dedicated queue for sales: This helps in the primary objective of any business which is to sell a product then and there when a customer approaches you.

  • Pitch in for related products: Develop internal software that informs agents of products related to the ones that the customer would like to purchase. Product accessories, warranty extensions, etc can all be clubbed with the primary product and sold accordingly.

  • Make agents from other departments pitch for a product: When a customer calls in for a technical or customer service related query, instruct the respective agents to inform customers about the latest launches and products available to them. In case customers show interest, have such calls transferred to the inbound sales queue and the rest can be taken care of by the sales department.

These are one of the many reasons every company that offers inbound call center services should have an inbound queue dedicated exclusively for sales. This helps in self funding call centers to a very large extent as well.


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