10 Call Center Technology Trends To Watch In 2024
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Top 10 Call Center Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams
November 16, 2022
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November 16, 2022


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In this ever-expanding digital era, call center technologies are rapidly evolving. Call center technology trends such as artificial intelligence, virtual agents, and cloud communications are part of the call center’s future. As a result, call center outsourcing firms are opting for upgraded technologies that adhere to the most recent call center technology trends.

Implementing the right technology in your contact center can increase agents’ working efficiency and performance, improve productivity, improve the overall customer experience, and simplify data and analytics. Call centers use cutting-edge technology to provide world-class customer service and differentiate themselves from their competitors. But which technology can help and enhance your call center? Let’s take a closer look at the definition of call center technology and the most important and exciting trends in 2022.

What is Call Center Technology?

Call center technology is critical for improving contact centers. 93% of contact centers believe technology is critical for improving the customer experience. It includes a wide range of software and hardware that automates processes for managing customer relationships, analyzing data, and forecasting behaviors. It refers to any technology call centers use to complete tasks, interact with customers, and manage day-to-day operations.

Call center technology has progressed far beyond the use of a phone system. As the emphasis on customer experience grows, new digital channels such as live chat and video chat are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, CRM and WFO (Workforce Optimization Software) call center software applications are now playing an important role in contact center operations.

Call Center Technology Trends of the Future

Trends in call center technology are made for the future to help business owners make more money, improve the customer experience, and boost sales and productivity. A dozen ways to improve the call center’s work include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Omnichannel support
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Digital scorecards
  • Quality assurance technologies
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Cloud-based software

With these technologies, agents can spend their time on more important tasks instead of doing the same things repeatedly. If you can use contact center technology to make your customers happy and give them what they want, your business will surely succeed.

Emerging Call Center Technology Trends in 2022

Two contact center technology trends are emerging as customer service becomes more digital:

  • Customers expect real-time interaction and support
  • Customers want to interact with brands through various channels

A single-channel telephone network is no longer sufficient to meet consumer demand. To meet these needs, businesses must invest in call center software that enables real-time communication, quick responses, and multichannel support. This can help to improve overall contact center performance and increase customer satisfaction. Let’s look at the top ten call center technology trends for 2022.

Emerging Call Center Technology Trends in 2022
Image 1 - Emerging Call Center Technology Trends in 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration into Routine Tasks

Business call centers can redefine digital customer experience with artificial intelligence (AI) by providing personalized and quick service. Robotic automation and AI are the most valuable tools to accomplish daily activities, even though humans play an important role in the contact center.  AI is the future of call centers, allowing you to understand your customers’ “what” and “why.”

For example, what do your customers expect from you? Alternatively, why are they approaching you?

According to Cisco, AI and bots are the primary functions of 80% of call centers. Of course, human operators are not replaced, but AI makes daily tasks much easier, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. AI monitors and performs simple tasks such as call handling, sharing pre-recorded messages, recording, and automatic call distribution.

2. Omnichannel Solutions

According to Cisco, 91% of call centers consider an integrated omnichannel experience to be the most important capability of any call center. Customers must be able to contact customer service in the manner and through the channel of their choice. However, omnichannel support extends beyond simply responding to customers across multiple channels. That is the absolute bare minimum.

Customers expect a consistent experience across all channels, so they should not have to repeat themselves even if they switch platforms or customer support agents. They should be able to transition from email to phone to chat seamlessly.

To provide omnichannel support, you need cutting-edge call center technology that allows you to provide a consistent customer experience. Any agent should have access to a central repository of all customer data to provide the service and results that customers expect. In addition, Omnichannel must fully integrate into your CRM, quality assurance, sales, and other systems.

3. Customer Service Via Video Chat

One of the most important key tools of contact center technology is video chat customer service. A call center’s use of video chat software can be highly flexible because it can easily be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Consumer behavior has changed rapidly due to the digital shopping experience. And video chat has replaced face-to-face chat as the most convenient way to provide online customer service. Furthermore, it allows you to visually engage your customers, which is impossible with traditional phone calls.

4. Analytics and Reporting

A well-run call center requires data analytics and reporting. As a result, 90% of call centers consider customer journey data analytics an important contact center function. As a result, analytics and reporting software are among the most important call center technology trends.

Your contact center can no longer rely solely on supervisor skills to monitor agent performance and customer experience. While manual observation and monitoring have been used, your contact center requires more information to improve its operation. You require advanced analytics that is available in real-time to make changes quickly and easily.

5. Making Use of Quality Assurance Technology

Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most efficient tools for monitoring call center quality and calculating call center ROI. Once implemented, it becomes simple for the call center team to track sales performance, agent attrition, operator engagement, and customer churn.

The quality assurance technology aims to highlight current trends, improve patterns, validate real-time insights, align the contact center with business goals, boost operational efficiency, and track key performance indicators.

6. Digital Scorecards

Digital scorecards are one of the most effective methods for assessing your call center agents, customer experience, business processes, and overall contact center performance. They provide critical feedback that you can’t get any other way to identify contact center trends, identify areas for improvement, discover best practices, and increase customer satisfaction.

The key is to use fully customizable scorecards designed specifically for your call center. The scorecard should reflect your business objectives, agent strengths, and weaknesses, and the elements you believe are most important to success.

Instead, your digital scorecards should be created based on your company’s priorities and industry. Then, include at least four key areas for regular review:

  • Soft Skills for Agents: Including communication ability, professionalism, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and trust
  • Call Center Processes: This includes how calls are answered and terminated, how the CRM is updated, and how to correct compensation is provided
  • Compliance: Including identification and validation, handling credit checks, and security for vulnerable customers
  • Outcomes: This includes how well your agents met stated goals, resolved customer issues, followed all processes, and encouraged sales

7. Remote and Cloud-based Call Centers

Remote and cloud-based contact centers are becoming increasingly popular in call center technology trends because they reduce administrative costs, increase work flexibility, and are cost-effective. As a result, your call centers can operate in multiple locations, giving your agents a much better work-life balance.

You can expand your services to different locations and time zones using a cloud-based center without sacrificing customer service. Agents can also handle calls and monitor customer data with mobile functionality and a data backup option.

8. Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is a picture of the different ways customers interact with your business. It helps you understand what your users care about and need, improving your conversion rates, help you track where your customers come from, and keep more of them. You can improve the customer experience and make more sales with the help of a good customer journey map. With this, you can also find out what drives and affects the customer or what hurts them to come up with a good solution.

9. Data Security and Privacy

Security and data privacy are two of the most important things for call centers . But unfortunately, security policy management/enforcement and customer data privacy are two top challenges for 70% of call centers.

In reality, new vulnerabilities in call centers are discovered almost daily. Cloud-based services can be vulnerable to hacking, agents fail to comply without realizing it, and data breaches can cost your center millions. That is why customer privacy, data security, and regulatory compliance are critical to your company and affect everyone.

You must use various call center technologies to ensure compliance, security, and data privacy. Call recording software, QA scorecards, and CRM software can all help you significantly reduce your risk of a breach. In addition, it provides an audit trail for regulators and your IT department to keep yourself safe.

10. Text and Speech Analytics

Text is the easiest way for customers to get in touch with businesses. They talk to you in writing through social media, live chat, emails, text messages, and many other ways.

Text analytics helps keep track of all written communication in multi-channel call centers. This contact center technology can turn all written messages into something that can be used to manage the call center better and understand what the customer wants.

The speech analytics tool is an important part of understanding customer interactions and listening to your customers. It uses a customized set of rules to record and review all customer conversations and then translates them into a text form that machines can read. The text is then interpreted by speech analytics to highlight performance issues and the accuracy of each customer interaction.

This call center technology is especially useful for conducting in-depth searches of conversations to detect trends such as hold times, silent patches, agents talking over customers, and basic emotions. It’s a low-cost method of mapping and analyzing every customer interaction to help you evaluate, train, coach, and use root cause analysis.


Technology is at the heart of the call center because it is driving change and reinventing the customer experience. The call center technology trends discussed above can help your organization adopt its preferred strategic directions for inventions and ideas as we move into 2022 and beyond. Discovering new technologies and implementing them in the call center industry will lead to a future in which customer experience and business continuity are inextricably linked.

Invensis is always looking for the latest call center trends to provide the best service to our clients and their end-users. Your company can achieve high business growth and profitability by streamlining the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process with our call center outsourcing services. So don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our call center services.

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