Top 6 Call Center Trends for 2016

Top 6 Call Center Trends for 2016

According to Everest Group's 'Contact Center Outsourcing Annual Report 2015', the current call center operations spend stands at USD 300-350 billion. The call center outsourcing market grew at 5% to reach USD 70-75 billion, where the market is on a steady growth for the last four to five years and accounts for 20-25%. In fact, more and more buyers are looking at call center service providers to successfully manage changing business needs and deliver optimum value. Below mentioned are few key trends that will drive call center outsourcing in 2016.

Call center operations to go with bimodal approach

As per Gartner's report, the main challenge faced by organizations across the globe is to lower costs of call center infrastructure and deliver a greater flexibility in meeting customer service needs. With the bimodal approach enterprises can ensure the call center can be more flexible to meet new customer service requirements and achieve call center infrastructure consolidation with lower operating costs. This means the growth trajectory for call center outsourcing services remains the same for 2016.

Digital engagement overtaking voice-based customer service

According to Dimension Data's '2015 global contact centre benchmarking report', 42% respondents say that there is a decline in voice-based customer services and 87% increase in non-voice customer service engagements. It is because the next Gen Y tech-savvy customers entering the market who resort to phone based conversation as the last resort. The millennial generation is keen on using digital contact in the form of social media, web chat, email, and self-service channels. So for call center industry the message is clear, either incorporate digital medium in your overall engagement or face slow extinction.

Big data and Call Center Analytics to reshape the call center industry

Industry experts believe, Big data and Call Center Analytics will be the biggest trend to reshape the call center industry in the next 5 years. One critical part of keeping customers happy is to anticipate their needs, and this is where call center analytics comes in to the picture. Call center analytics helps businesses to tie information together in the form of phone calls, surveys, web chat, billing systems etc to create actionable insights.

By digging into the available customer data through call center analytics one can precisely anticipate what each customer needs and personalize the offerings, which creates value for both the parties.

The mediums of multi-channel support to increase even more

Customers demand 24/7/365 support and they expect it anytime, anywhere and on any device. According to Aberdeen Group Inc, businesses that provide multi-channel support enjoy twice the more (9.7% vs. 3.9%) customer satisfaction year on year. Call center outsourcing vendors will soon be managing multi-channel support with at least 8 different modes of customer support and 7 of them are through digital medium. In fact, 23.5% contact centers will have video chat capability by 2016. Smart apps will continue its growth to 54% and web chat support will double at 70% in 2016. So call center service providers offering a holistic multi-channel support will be able to stay relevant and improve their business offerings down the line as well.

Channels required managing by call center service providers in the future:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • IVR touchtone
  • Internet website
  • Social media
  • SMS text / instant messaging
  • Web chat
  • Smartphone application
  • IVR speech
  • Video chat

Cloud-based call center software becoming increasingly popular

As per DMG Consulting '2014 - 2015 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report', cloud-based call center software is becoming increasingly popular with buyers. It is said that nearly 50% of all international call centers will store their data in cloud and these numbers are expected to keep growing beyond 2016 as well. These numbers are very encouraging and it altogether transforms how businesses are conducted over the phone. This cloud-based software provides efficient means of storing information and one can remotely manage the entire operation with quicker deployment.

Voice biometrics to stamp its authority

Traditional knowledge-based systems, pins and passwords employed to authenticate users no longer suffice to maintain confidentiality of customers' information. According to Gartner's report, 30% of financial takeover moves via call center and online channels. Online fraudsters perpetrate crimes by socially engineering call center service providers who employ weak methods to authenticate callers. It is said that using voice biometrics technology in call center services can shave an average of 20 seconds off a phone call with a customer. With voice biometrics employed, it can be one of the robust ways to authenticate customers online.

There are several major trends that will drive call center industry in 2016 and the way it will be functioning in the years to follow. Call center service providers who embrace new age digital engagements, voice biometrics, cloud-based call center software along with multi-channel support will stay relevant down the line and those who provide archaic services in the domain will face slow extinction.

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