5 Tips to Build Brand into the Contact Center

Tips to Build Brand into the Contact Center
Tips to Build Brand into the Contact Center

Even as the modes of communication expand and diversify, customer service has the potential of fueling the success of a business, provided the professionals are experienced in meeting the expectations of a customer. Although there are several different divisions to handle different types of queries, a business will have to make sure that the brand message is consistent and clear across multiple channels.

The role of customer service continues to be an important one, as these resources have the dedicated time of a customer in comparison to the limited attention that the brand has to compete for through marketing channels.  The time when the customer is willing to engage with the business, whether from his or her own end or at the initiative of the customer service, can make or break a brand’s reputation. Hence, it is essential to infuse some element of the brand into every interaction, to give the customer a seamless, positive experience.

To extract more ROI out of the contact center, all you have to do is ensure that your core business message in integrated deep into the core of it. Here are a few tips through which you can optimize your contact center and establish and promote your brand.

Tips to Integrate Brand into the Contact Center

  1. Be More Personalized: 

    As mentioned earlier, the professionals pitching to customers should be friendly, adhere to the script and improvise when an opportunity presents itself. Save the number of the customer as soon as they call so that the next time they call, anyone who is attending the call knows it’s them and greets them with their name. Also, make sure the greeting is in line with your brand’s tone (perhaps, it can even reiterate the marketing message without sounding trite). With a little effort of this nature, your brand’s presence can linger in the mind of the customer for a long time. Based on the conversation, the agent can take the next step – send a non-automated mail that specifically address that particular satisfaction and asks for feedback or provides extra information.

  1. Be There for the Customer When They Need You: 

    Many businesses promise ‘dedicated support’ and ‘the customer is important to us’ in their marketing collateral, but when it comes to implementing it, the customer may find that he or she is waiting in a long call queue or the business is just not reachable. In the digital age, being responsive across communication channels is important, as is simple communication etiquette. For instance, even if a customer is confused on a call, the professional at the other end should not lose his or her cool as the chances of negative word-of-mouth are more than that of the positive one. Additionally, the professional should also understand that even though there may not be any direct benefit from the call, he/she will have to continue the conversation.

  1. Have that Surprise Element: 

    Is your business targeted at young customers? The best way to make a connection with them would be to give them a surprise every now and then when they get in touch with customer service. Thrill them with a new offer or greet them in a unique manner without sounding desperate or fake. In short, always keep the customer interested.

  1. Use Customer Information to Please Them:

    When customers complete loyalty forms or provide their personal information, such as date of birth or anniversary, ensure this gets stored in the software provided to customer service. The customer service agent can then wish them if they have a birthday coming up or use some other such tactic to make a positive connect with the customer.

  1. Build Recall:

    Another way to build your brand into your contact center is by playing a recorded message about your brand when the customer’s call is on hold. Or if a live chat conversation is underway, the agent could provide some links with animated videos about your business.

Following these tips will make it easy for you to put your brand, its message, and value into your customer service operations. This will aid the process of building brand recall and will have a positive impact on long-term customer loyalty.

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