Top 8 Customer Engagement Strategies to Create Positive Experiences

Sophia Williams
August 17, 2022
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As a business owner, you are conscious that your customers are your company's lifeblood. Therefore, you must interact with them. The problem is that numerous businesses do not comprehend the significance of customer engagement services through inbound call center services and insist on forcing sales pitches down their customers' throats. Successful brands that engage their customers are mindful that customers want to interact with their peers and gain something of value, which has never been easier than it is now due to technological advancements.

The figures might surprise you:

  • According to research, customers are likely to share positive experiences with an average of nine people, while negative experiences are likely to be shared with an average of sixteen people
  • In contrast, customers with positive experiences are likely to spend 140% more than those who have negative ones
  • Customers with positive experiences are five years more likely to remain customers than those with negative experiences
  • Up to 33 percent of your customer service expenses can be reduced by providing positive customer experiences

What Is a Strategy for Customer Engagement?

A customer engagement strategy is a way to capture existing customers' attention and ensure they have great experience possible when dealing with your product & brand throughout their journey.

Why Is Customer Engagement so Crucial?

Engagement, the extent to which employees feel motivated, interested, and passionate, is difficult to quantify but crucial to a company's success. According to studies, highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable, experience 59% less turnover, and exhibit 41% less absence.

Despite these advantages, many businesses fail to engage their workers. As of January 2021, only 39 percent of U.S. workers were actively engaged in their jobs. Even though this number has increased over time, it still indicates that most employees lack motivation at work.

Engaging customers with attention-grabbing content is one of the most important means of attracting and retaining new customers. Today, however, consumers are inundated with marketing campaigns on multiple platforms, including television, radio, in-app advertisements, and social media. Therefore, standing out requires a truly creative approach.

Games that increase customer engagement through fun and competition, such as photo/caption contests, have been a part of recent successful strategies. So, what are some additional strategic and entertaining methods that stand out from the crowd for increasing engagement?

8 Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

1. Utilize Technology for Your Advantages

Folks are all conscious of the importance of social media for customer engagement. So instead of simply sharing content or responding to inbound call center service inquiries at , why not leverage social media technology to anticipate what customers desire?

Lenovo, for instance, listens to its customers on social media to stay abreast of trends, such as laptop color preferences. Another illustration would be the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) providing promotional offers based on the location of its customers, allowing them to try a new restaurant or store when they exit the bus.

Be sure to remain ahead of the curve and not be behind when using technology. Without it, success will not find you.

2. Include Your Customers in Your Team

We all enjoy the feeling of belonging to a team. And your clients are not an exception. So, if you observe that a customer has started a new charity or released a product, do not hesitate to promote them on your social media accounts. Or, you could keep things simple by highlighting a single loyal customer every month.

If your business has recently reached its tenth anniversary, celebrate with your customers by offering them a discount or coupon or attending an exclusive anniversary party. It makes them feel part of the team and acknowledges their years of loyalty. Lastly, you could ask your customers to co-create content by contributing a chapter to your eBook. Or encouraging them to have fun, as New Belgium did with Reddit users.

3. Organize Social Media Contests

Creating a fun giveaway is a fun way to generate engagement through social contests while also generating earned ambassadors. A participant must tag as many friends as possible with a trackable hashtag to win. It allows you to reach a crowd you may not have otherwise gained through paid channels and fosters a much more relevant audience's competitive spirit. Nick Putz, Quintessa Aesthetic Centers.

Who doesn't enjoy getting free stuff? We all do. Utilize this by hosting a contest for your customers. You will not only capture their attention, but you will also engage them by rewarding their participation.

You could, for instance, request that customers share creative photos and tag your business. With the winner receiving a product or a free one-year membership to your service. Two additional possibilities are hosting a voting contest or a photo tagging contest in which customers tag as many of their contacts as possible.

4. Construct a Community or Forum

Community and online forums have existed for centuries and will likely continue to do so indefinitely. The primary benefit of online communities and forums is that you can directly engage with your customers by responding to their questions, participating in industry-related discussions, keeping them updated, and sharing information they care about or seek.

However, popular social networks such as Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and Google+ Communities allow you to create communities. This is an added benefit, given that your customers are likely already on these social media channels.

5. Host An Event

Hosting an event, whether a webinar, a local meetup, or an industry event, is an excellent way for your customers to learn things from their peers and feel like they're a part of an exclusive community.

Even if you don't host your event, you should seek out local networking opportunities or set up a booth at an expo in your industry so that you can interact with your customers in person. Platforms like Eventbrite offer a simple, cost-effective, and low-priced way to spread the word about an upcoming event you plan to host, including linking it to multiple social media networks for additional promotion.

6. Establish a Product Tour

Product tours are one of the most efficient ways to educate customers about your product or service. Product tours are not only an effective way to reach your customers but also an excellent way to engage them. You can record and upload a product tour to your website and YouTube channel. Animoto is an amazing company that makes it simple to create a professional product video from your photos and video clips.

7. Invite Customers to Be Innovation Partners

Soliciting product innovation ideas directly from customers is a fantastic way to encourage engagement and gain insight into how customer expectations evolve. Inviting customers to co-innovate and collaborate with you on developing new products and services makes them feel valued. And provides your business with additional fuel for ongoing innovation, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

8. Let Your Client Win

A collaborative giveaway on Instagram is a simple way to engage customers with your brand, increase your audience size organically, and gain exposure. First, ensure that the brand you're partnering with has a similar value proposition to yours, then cross-promote the giveaway. When free merchandise is at stake, consumers will typically participate.


Accepting employee wellness and engagement as strategic imperatives is a major shift in the business world that will only amplify over the next year. Evolved leaders will infuse their employee engagement and wellness initiatives with an innovative spirit and give people the same care and attention as their core products. Employee engagement with customer care and wellness protects your most valuable asset, your human capital. Organizations that ensure the growth and success of their employees will always be ahead of the curve.

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