The 10 Best Call Center Recruiting Strategies

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Hiring individuals who satisfy the skills and knowledge of recruiters in a call center takes time and effort. If you’re having difficulty finding great talent for your call center, you need to tweak your call center recruiting strategies.

Call centers require candidates who can multitask, problem solves, work consistently, work flexible shifts, use technical skills, and keep customers satisfied. Job attraction is critical if your company wants to hire the right people and reduce attrition. In the same way that applicants strive to stand out to be noticed by employers, you should work hard to distinguish your call center from the crowd. Positioning your firm as an employer of choice has never been more crucial, especially during the great resignation. So folks, to help you out, we’ve curated an article on call center recruiting strategies. Let’s dive into it!

What are Call Center Recruiting Strategies?

A call center is an essential component of any business. At the same time, it has the highest turnover rate of any component. As a result, hiring and retaining the best call center agents is a top priority for the business recruiting department. The challenge is finding a sufficient number of customer service representatives with some experience or basic field knowledge.

You can streamline the recruitment process by creating a candidate pipeline. For example, if you need immediate staff, you can always go back to your list and call in some people to step in and do the job. Create a database that will allow you to score candidates based on their passion, preferred schedules, days off, college studies, or other information provided during the interview process.

Call center recruiting strategies are plans of action that help you find and hire the best call center agents. These are critical starting points for attracting applications. They range from the most basic, such as posting job openings on job boards, to the most complex, such as hiring a traditional recruiting firm.

Top 10 Call Center Recruiting Strategies

You can use call center recruitment strategies at every stage of the recruiting process. So, if you don’t have a call center recruiting strategy just yet, don’t panic. Instead, read the following ten inventive call center recruiting strategies and hire those great employees.

1. Consider Employer Branding Seriously

Employer branding includes a company’s perception as an employer. Furthermore, it describes a promise made to employees in exchange for their knowledge and experience. Employer branding is how a hiring manager promotes their company to potential employees. They achieve this by emphasizing the company’s distinct cultural differentiators and then attempting to improve them so that the company can promote itself as a top place to work.

An employer brand, also known as a people brand, resonates with defining the company’s identity, both how it is unique and what it stands for, and then generating and matching those ambitions with the applicants. It communicates that the company is a good employer and workplace, which helps with recruitment and current employee engagement and retention. Employer branding, when done correctly, creates a buzz around the organization, attracting motivated job seekers and an army of satisfied employees.

2. Consult with Current Agents

Contact center managers frequently wonder where to find contact center agents. The current call center staff is an excellent source of valuable information. Inquire about what they would look for if they were doing the contact center recruiting. You can gain their perspective on the matter by involving them in business activities and helping them feel engaged.

Current agents understand the job requirements and can pre-screen candidates. However, to avoid being intimidated by the contact center recruitment team, interested candidates should ask current employees more detailed questions about the position.

3. Post Jobs in a Smart Way

While posting a job online can help your company fill positions quickly, a mass posting approach may bring in many unqualified candidates. Quality is more important than quantity. Unfortunately, too many unqualified applicants add to your hiring manager’s workload by requiring them to sort through the clutter.

Another disadvantage of posting the job in too many places is impersonal, as opposed to the personal approach of using your existing team to look for candidates. Unlike when one of your agents shares a job opportunity with a friend or connection, an online applicant is given limited information and must learn more during the interview, which adds to the time required to screen. This can be an issue if a position needs to be filled quickly.

Marketing the position to a specific audience on carefully selected websites rather than a large applicant pool is a smart contact center recruiting strategy. Your job posting should pique the applicant’s interest and elicit strong feelings. Great job postings depict the company culture and show daily what the job will entail.

4. Start an Employee Referral Program

This strategy is crucial in call center recruiting. Many employees have qualified contacts in their networks which can assist them in filling open positions. On the other hand, a well-designed employee referral program can encourage even more employees to recommend the best candidates. As one of the most effective call center recruitment strategies, consider offering referral rewards to encourage people to spread the word about the service. Great people tend to surround themselves with other highly skilled professionals.

5. Make the Most of Your Business Website

Use your website’s recruiting power to expand your applicant pool. Here you can tell people about your call center’s culture and the nature of the job and paint a realistic picture of what they can expect. A visually appealing and useful employment website combined with audio, video, and social networking (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) is an excellent strategy for imagining the working environment and contact center company culture.

6. Organize Group Discussions With Potential Hires

Of course, you want your agents to be good team players, so including group discussions in the recruitment process is a great idea. For example, you could organize a brainstorming, a fun Q&A, and other thought-provoking games to bring current and prospective employees together.

This can be difficult for applicants, but those who want to join your customer service team will be up for the challenge. Furthermore, this arrangement will allow you to evaluate the applicant’s socialization skills and ability to adapt to new situations.

7. Use Social Media for Your Call Center Recruitment

We know that social media platforms are powerful tools that aid recruitment. Thousands of potential candidates spend time online; social media is one tool they should use. Their friends can easily share an exciting job opportunity with them. Spread the word about your company’s social pages and your social media. However, you cannot stop there; go deeper and share other relevant news and information with everyone, and they will spend more time on your page.

People desire to be a part of the organization they represent, to share career opportunities, leadership responsibilities, and everything else that drew them in. Some of these include a testimonial from an agent describing what it’s like to work at a call center, trends, community, and industry news, what differentiates this company from others and engaging the audience with questions and available job openings.

Use social media to showcase corporate culture so candidates can get a taste of where they might be working. Include a link to the company’s official website, where interested parties can apply or learn more about the company.

8. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Before posting a job, your company should know the qualifications and other job requirements. Explain the terms before you’ve offered the job because as many job seekers will be excited about the offer and may later regret their decision. Transparency is invaluable.

Provide the following basic information during the interview:

  1. Salary, working hours, sick and vacation leave, dress code, and other information
  2. Describe your expectations, including a typical workday and workweek
  3. Check to see if they can work holidays, attend training, etc. The interviewee can then ask questions

This will help them understand what you’re looking for during the contact center hiring process.

9. Treat Job Seekers Like Customers

An applicant’s first perception of a brand or business is important, whether in a personal interview, a phone screening, or a video interview. Hiring managers should make job seekers as excited about getting to know the management team as they are about the job itself.

One of the most effective recruiting and call center strategies is to treat interviewees the same way you treat customers. First, try to be considerate of their time. Then, always arrive on time for an in-person interview, a phone screening, or a video interview.

Second, make an effort to be friendly. Finally, as the first person in the company they meet, they make an excellent first impression. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make yourself available. Provide accurate contact information to potential candidates so that they can contact you with questions at any point during the hiring process.

10. Get in Touch With the Best Candidates Personally

You may have to go out of your way to find the experts you need for your business because they may not be actively looking for work. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to start with LinkedIn. Make sure to get in touch with good applicants as soon as you find them. Knowing the people, you want to hire shows that you want them. You must try to get their attention and convince them to work for your company.


Hope by now you have got a clear idea about the call center recruiting strategies. If you follow the above-mentioned strategies, you will likely hire the best and perfect candidates for your organization. Work on your corporate culture; let them see that they will come to a great workplace.

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