Best Ways To Reduce Noise In A Call Center


One of the main issues that agents are operating in an outsourcing call center face is the noise. This puzzle requires to be taken care of by managers as it generates a very inefficient working ambience for employees. They are constantly distracted by it, and the penitentiary does not concentrate on the work at hand. Furthermore, the telemarketers at the other end also hear this noise and make it hard for both operatives and clients to communicate over the phone effectively. 

A few of the tested and well-respected strategies for minimizing the burden of this noise are noted below:

Instruct your agents to maintain their voice level

When communicating on the phone, agents ought to be mindful of their fellow colleagues. 

Voice the message in preparation as well as in reality that a low degree tone of voice must be preserved. The agents don’t have to whisper, so if an agent wants to speak to someone, it’s better to head to their cubicle rather than talk about the dividers.

Treat the call center as a museum

If you’ve to recall the quietest place you’ve ever been to, you’ll probably think of a library or a museum. You should consider setting your call center up as a museum. Not just the employees, even the visitors present on the work floor should be instructed to speak quietly. Only by accomplishing this will your employees be able to address the technical challenges of your customers. 

Using phones with noise reduction capability 

The last few decades have seen massive advantages in the phone software industry. Advanced handsets that are fitted with Bluetooth and noise-cancelling features are available on the market today. In the configuration of a call center, these tools can be beneficial.

Never hold meetings on the same floor 

Small groups on the floor and private sessions are likely diversion places. And if other agents can not tell what you’re talking about, they’ll also be annoyed by you and won’t be able to concentrate until the meeting is done.

Offshore call centers need to pay particular attention to noise levels in their distribution centers, as their quality and reliability can directly influence their customer care service results. Bad output can attract undesired acts from such customers.

Put all loud machinery in a different place

Sitting in front of a Copy Machine that is always beeping to at you will irritate the calmest individual. One might say the same about the coffee maker or water dispenser. Ensure that all office equipment is at the back of the building or in another room so that nobody can listen to these irritating and noisy sounds. 

Have a web chat framework for the agents and superiors 

Updates will be made through this interface, meaning managers on the operation floor don’t have to call out. 

Soft and quiet 

Hopping sound waves off concrete walls and wooden floors can lift a large amount of the sound levels in your workplace. Replace timber floors with tapestries and add some plants to reduce ambient noise better.

Often, call centers can minimize ambient noise by installing content that absorbs sound within agents or on floors and walls. This will reduce the effect on their ability to hear customers in nearby conversations. 

Weak walls, hard duty carpets, window shades, and roof absorber walls may be used in the furniture.

Possessing a separate cubicle is not a bad concept

It can allow the floor of the call center an open feel and look when you drop the partition, but it may also raise the amount of background noise in the call center. 

Not only can cubicles help bring down the ambient noise, but they can also incorporate a degree of security. Can be fitted with noise-reducing padding to the cubicles. Furthermore, the sitting distances among the agents can be introduced for decreasing the noise level.

Utilize two-ear headphones 

Call centers are very crowded and loud places, and it can be challenging to be on the phone continuously when you can hear what was being said around you. Especially excellent is a duo (binaural) headphone, which eliminates background noise and guarantees perfectly clear speech. When wearing a double headset, on the phone, the sound is directed to each of a user’s ears. Employees are entirely concentrated on requests, and will not attempt to sound any louder to understand the other end of the voice. 

Use noise reducing plants in a call center 

The office’s use of large plants can help to suppress sound. Examples of these plants are the Yucca and even the Cheese Vine. But don’t overdo it; you don’t want the call center to sound like the tropics.

Enable generators of white noise 

This strategy takes advantage of sound to suppress noise. The white noise generators create a predefined background sound level that overshadows the more obfuscatory & obstructive noises that make it impossible for agents to hear from another end what was being said.

Encourage the sales agents to move to a new location for break time 

You should have rules that the employees of the call center need to leave their offices when they are on a break. Getting a change of scenery when on break is ideal for noise reduction, and therefore excellent for morale. Getting a soundproofing break room where the staff would play pool or sit in big comfy seats and chill while chatting and having a coffee wouldn’t be a bad idea. If you want your call center to compete and thrive, ensure you always provide excellent training and the latest tools to your agents. 

In contrast, you might have offers with businesses that offer sweet sweets such as dark chocolate and baked pastries. They may set up behind a soundproof wall surface at the back of the contact center to ‘encourage’ members to travel in that area.


So, there you have it; the ultimate list of methods to reduce noise in a call center. In most call centers, background noise is a challenge, and by following any of these 12 ideas, the workspace can begin to feel calmer which, in turn, can make you more relaxed, concentrated and efficient.

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