How Call Center Companies Use Statistics and Performance Metrics For a Podium Finish

When it comes to call center companies statistics vs. call center performance metrics both provide data that is relevant for the business but both cover two different perspectives of a call center’s performance. Both statistics could be used for both outbound and inbound customer service call center services.

Highlights of Call Center statistics :

  • Call center statistics comprise of figures related to the quantity of calls taken and figures relating to the same.
  • Provides collective data of the call center operations.
  • Call center company statistics come in handy for call center customer service processes that handle a very large amount of calls specifically for information/status check calls.
  • Service Level, Call Abandon Rate, Average Speed Answer, Calls in Queue and ACD Time all fall under call center company statistics metrics.

Call center statistics would come in handy to get an overall view of how a call center is doing with regards to any call center’s primary objective, which is to attend calls of customers. Statistical data helps outsourced call center companies to provide concrete figures to their clients.

Highlights of Call Center Performance Metrics :

  • Call center metrics cover the quality of the calls from a customer’s perspective.
  • These metrics come in handy for companies that require a good amount of time with customers on calls. Complex or time-consuming technical support companies would prefer performance metrics.
  • Provides the agent data on how well he’s doing as an agent.
  • Salary hikes and performance appraisal are primarily based on performance metrics.
  • Customer Satisfaction, First Call Resolution, Agent Utilization Rate, Cost per Contact, Average Speed Answer and Abandonment Rate are the major performance metrics.

For outsourced call center companies, performance metrics deliver data with regards to the quality of the agent handling call center customer service requests. Performance metrics are required for call center management from a quality perspective.

Both call center statistics and call center metrics are very much essential to any LOB since it covers the essential aspects of call center management. As mentioned earlier, statistics do tell us how we are performing with “quantity” of calls taken and the flow of the whole process, but it does not highlight whether or not we’re able to perform against our goals. The latter would highlight on how well an agent is doing but would not give us a picture of how the business is doing overall.

Improving the call center standards requires the companies to merge both call center statistics and performance together. Assigning a team leader, data management software’s, desktop solutions, etc would all help with regards to meeting both metrics and keeping an agent aware of how he’s doing as well.


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