Are Contact Centers Doing it Right? – Customers’ Perspective

Are contact centers doing it right? – Customers’ perspective
Are contact centers doing it right? – Customers’ perspective

A contact center service acts as the vital point of contact between customers and the brand. Customer service research reveals the following crucial insights into customer expectations from contact centers that indicate a significant gap between expectations and reality:

  1. Quality of Contact Center Based Customer Experience: Do contact centers provide excellent service all the time?

    A staggering 54% of customers strongly indicated their dissatisfaction with the kind of customer service they experience currently, while only a minuscule 1% of customers expressed complete satisfaction.

  2. Top Expectations of Customers from Contact Centers: 

    Surveys were conducted to determine customers’ top 10 expectations from contact centers. 42% of customers stated that their top expectation  was to be quickly connected to a customer agent and have  their problems resolved quickly.

  3. Preferred and Actual Channels of Communication: 

    Research shows that the mobile phone remains the most preferred and most used channel of communication in real. Nearly 80% of customers prefer to use the phone while 48% of customers actually use the phone. E-mail is the second most preferred communication channel.  57% customers have opted for online phone call as their third choice. In another study, customers showed an increased preference for the use of live chat with the percentage of customers using live chat doubling over a period of two years.

  4. Greatest Hindrance in Experiencing Satisfactory Customer Experience:  

    Many contact centers claim that their aim is to be as reachable as possible. A study conducted by Ovum and Logmein in 2015 showed that this was not the case: 48% of customers believed that the time taken to reach a customer service agent is the biggest hindrance they face in experiencing good customer service. This is forcing customers to move towards non-voice avenues. 76 % of customers have given up on a brand following a bad customer service experience.

  5. Technologies that Contact Centers Should Incorporate: 

    The views of customers were ascertained regarding the kind of technology they would like to see implemented in a contact center. Customers expressed their preference for technologies that would speed up and improve the quality of customer service. 75 % of customers surveyed preferred a callback option from a hold queue. 36 % of customers preferred real time video chat for resolution of their issues. 48 % of customers would like to have downloadable  service-related video files made available. 24 % of customers also preferred a speech recognition system that would speed up the contact center process.


From the above results, it is evident that considerable scope exists for improvement in contact center based customer service delivery. Businesses should ensure that their contact centers work on the following:

  • Prioritize the quickest possible resolution of complaints
  • Ensure personalized interactions with clients and customers
  • Use e-mail and live chat, in addition to phone, to broaden the range of customer experience and to ensure faster resolution of issues
  • Implement varied forms of technology to enhance contact center efficiency as well as to improve customer experience

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