Essential Outsourcing Strategies and Checklists
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Essential Outsourcing Strategies and Checklists

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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In Outsourcing - Strategies & Checklist, organizations outsource most of their tasks to technology development. Outsourcing has several benefits over insourcing inside the organization:

  1. Companies can deliver better services with proper planning and execution with outsourcing
  2. Most processes are outsourced in the current business, reducing operations costs and increasing revenue
  3. With outsourcing, every process is handled effectively by reducing errors in business operations

Thus, outsourcing is a way of increasing the quality of service and customer satisfaction. In addition, outsourcing business processes empowers the company to focus strategically on its core competencies and competitive advantages. Businesses that choose BPO services can stay on the leading edge with top talent without bearing the full brunt of overhead and embedded costs. This article describes the strategies of outsourcing along with the checklist.

Strategies for Outsourcing

Whether the organization's size is small-to-mid or large, the strategies planned for outsourcing are the same. Before selecting the right outsourcing partner, questioning is the right strategy. Following are the set of strategies to be followed while outsourcing business processes.

What Takes Most of Your Time in the Organization Keeps You from Your Most Productive Role?

Only one or two processes in the business will be the core process of the business. Working towards that will reach you the success of the organization. Businesses should identify the tasks that are consuming more time holding the core competencies.

Will Your Business Focus on Revenue-producing Strategies and Efficiency? If Not, Which Are the Operations for You to Outsource?

The operations that need outsourcing are planned. A complete analysis of the business operations and market availability for outsourcing will assist in understanding this strategy. Outsourcing strategies should either increase the value of the business or increase the profit.

Which Are the Operations That You like to Perform in Your Organization?

The operations always completed on time with high efficiency should be identified. These operations are performed on the organization's premises, improving the business values. Either the staff of the organization's team is encouraged to provide better results than outsourcing.

Due to Time and Budget Constraints, There Will Be Some Tasks Performed Without Good Performance. What Are Those Tasks?

Not every business process is performed with high motivation and energy. Some of the processes are performed only to complete them on time with average quality. These operations do not have much focus on the go and will be impacting indirectly to the business.

What Are the Tasks That Will Discourage You from Doing Them in Your Enterprise?

There will be some processes that are always tedious to complete. Such processes are not worth insourcing. However, outsourcing helps in completing them effectively with high quality with reduced cost and time.

Checklist for Outsourcing

It is a highly productive exercise to begin creating lists or organizational charts demonstrating the tasks that comprise your daily systems. You will find that numerous tasks are simply tying up internal resources and could be easily outsourced. In addition, there will likely be gaps in your systems that can fill with outsourced resources. And as you look more deeply, you will likely discover that there are very few business activities that cannot outsource.

Once the outsourcing partners are picked, verification is made with a checklist. The following checklist should be cross-checked before signing the outsourcing partner's contract.

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Expertise
  • Innovation


When outsourcing, it is a must-do check how fast they can deliver the processes. As the primary benefit of outsourcing is time, it should be verified in advance. Therefore, the time of delivery should be faster among the selected outsourcing partners.


In terms of costs, the vendor should provide the best competitive price. Also, the organization should be able to afford the price. It should be much lesser than insourcing so that there will be an increase in the revenue.


The resource availability should be verified initially before making a contract with the vendor. With more resources available with an outsourcing partner, the processes are completed faster. Moreover, the resources will directly impact the time to complete the processes.


Experience and service quality is checked from the previous tasks. With more processes performed and highly skilled employees, the outsourcing partners will provide better results. Organizations must have prior experience in the processes for providing high-quality results.


With vibrant teams, an outsourcing vendor should have the capability of producing innovative ideas. Innovations are always helpful in reducing time and increasing revenue for businesses. The innovation and technology of the outsourcing partner company are checked in advance.

Infrastructure and Tech Capabilities

Investing in technology can be costly. In addition, it is necessary for businesses, especially startups and small to medium-sized enterprises. By relying on the provider's IT infrastructure, outsourcing enables businesses to easily gain access to the most up-to-date technology without a significant capital investment.

Now we are going to understand the last Outsourcing - Strategies & Checklist and that is security and reliability

Security and Reliability

Security and reliability, and performance concerns are raised by outsourcing, especially when data and information are exchanged. However, effective safety measures can help relieve most of these concerns while enhancing data security and information safety.


These two factors, called strategies and checklists, should be a top priority when selecting the outsourcing partner for the organization. It helps in attaining most of the benefits that are expected from outsourcing. Therefore, the major consideration when choosing an outsourcing partner is that it should be more profitable overall than insourcing. Invensis’ deep industry-specific expertise helps us to tailor customized back office BPO services that match your business needs. In addition, we aim to enhance your service delivery excellence while ensuring compliance with industry-followed quality and security standards.

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