Top 10 Call Center Software Trends for 2021/2022


Call center Trends

Technology and businesses are mutually interlinked with changes in one dynamically influencing the other’s practices. It is the year 2021 and we are looking forward to the upcoming year 2022 and how it is going to affect the contact center industry.

Let us have a quick overview of what call center software trends played a major role in shaping contact center practices in 2021 and which may likely to continue doing so in 2022.

From reducing costs to driving up the efficiency of delivery of contact center services, a number of trends have influenced the development of software related to contact centers.

  1. Cloud-Based Call Centre Solutions Will Continue To Remain Strong:

    As the year 2020 ends, the good news for SMBs is that cloud-based call center solutions remains in force. Cloud-based call center solutions provide an affordable way to manage contact center services. This is particularly useful for small businesses as the implementation is easier and costs are lower. A high quality call center support outsourcing service provider will ensure that they have the latest technology in place for delivering quality customer care.

  2. Browser Based Contact Centre Software as the Next Best Thing:

    While cloud based contact center software platforms have become prominent in the last couple of years, a change in direction is in the air. Many businesses prefer to use browser-based software as the primary contact center software. The use of this software confers the following benefits: scalability, flexibility, and accessibility to the software from any browser, anywhere. It can also be easily installed. This ensures an increase in reachability of the customer care personnel and will certainly amplify the responsiveness of the contact center. In addition, its affordability and low costs, makes it an even more attractive option for contact centers who want to achieve business efficiency at low costs.

  3. Towards Centralization of Customer Service Channels:

    Businesses are realizing the increasing importance of providing integrated and seamless customer service. They understand the need of centralizing the various avenues of contact they offer customers, in order to simplify and ensure easy monitoring. This has had its influence on the contact center software industry too. One of the major effects has been the shift from using software with siloed channels of customer service to providing a more integrated and seamless one. A single contact center software would incorporate all the different channels on a single interface.

  4. Call Centre Software Will Come With Data Analysis Metrics:

    A huge amount of data obtained because of customer interactions through a wide variety of channels presents challenges. Analysis of this data has to be carried out in a short span of time so that businesses can benefit from the insights. The year 2020 showed signs that contact center software publishers are focusing on incorporating this function as part of their call center software. The information obtained on different customers, via different channels on a single interface, would be visualized using data analysis metrics.

  5. Workforce Optimization :

    ContHelp on choosing the perfect focus keyphraseact center software providers are also planning to incorporate metrics as well as procedures for performance measurement of staff and workforce optimization into their software. High quality customer care staff is essential to the success of a contact center. Based on the customer data obtained as well as measuring the current call volumes, the solutions would help to predict call volumes and manage staff allocation accordingly. Thus, the workforce would be better leveraged in accordance with the daily business flux. Dynamic leveraging will boost process efficiency. An expert customer care call center support outsourcing service provider will ensure that its workforce consistently delivers top-notch performance.

  6. Use of Video:

    Video has become an important tool of delivering greater and richer customer experience in all avenues of marketing. In 2020, contact center software providers are also aiming to introduce video as an additional level of customer service so that they can provide a more personalized and humanized level of customer service for their customers. Videos provide a quick way to provide answers to customers’ issue in a direct and more approachable way.

  7. Integration of Business Tools:

    The contact center software development trends points also towards development of applications with the integration of important business tools in it. These tools include eCommerce solutions, helpdesk solutions, CRM and Live Chat. This also helps in providing more seamless customer service as well as it helps in enhancing business efficiency by cutting down time and increasing collaboration. Computer Telephony Integration is also increasingly popular.

  8. Use of Mobile:

    The use of mobiles is on the rise and contact centers need to leverage the use of this technology to ensure that their service is more impactful. Hence, contact center software developing companies will also be looking into developing contact center software, which incorporates features that facilitate direct hookup between mobile users and the software by enabling easy transfer of information to the system, which enables contact center staff to respond at the earliest.

  9. Secure Identification:

    Companies need to also ensure that their customers can easily access customer service and obtain the help that they need help, with minimal delay. One process, which can considerably add to customer woes and build up frustration is the lengthy and tedious caller identification and verification procedure. Call center software companies look to resolve this by incorporating features which makes identification procedures faster and less tedious. This may involve the use of voice identification technology or incorporating the use of specific customer identifiers.

  10. Use of Innovative Methods:

    The 2021 trends underlie the importance of using methods based on human behaviors to understand and predict customer responses. This would in turn underline the development of contact center software. Strategies such as gamification would be increasingly used as part of software features. This would serve to keep customers engaged and strengthen efforts for successful resolution of consumer complaints and provision of satisfactory customer service.

Overall, the above trends serve as important indicators as to what was new in 2020 and what would continue into 2021 in the contact center software sector. This would serve as valuable pointers for companies who are interested in setting up their own contact centers, those who want to enhance and upgrade their existing centers as well as those who want to outsource their contact centers.



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